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Predictions For 2001 and Beyond

Predictions For The Year 2001

Prediction 1
2001 will be a year of signs, portents, and outstanding events, mainly relating to natural disasters such as big storms, high winds, heavy rains, floods, landslides, and so on.

Prediction 2
New Zealand's top priority will be to upgrade our civil defense, nationally, under army command.

Prediction 3
New Zealand's Gross National Product will increase by 4% in 2001. The Consumer Price Index will rise to 4% by the end of 2001. Unemployment will go down to 6%. There will be an improvement in the balance of payments, and over the year the New Zealand dollar will purchase between 40 and 44 US cents, and between 76 and 80 Australian cents.

Prediction 4
Our Whakanui - One Nation - will develop positively in 2001. Bickering will decrease, and Pakeha and Maori will work better together.

Prediction 5
Our best political and economic strategy will be to support a Pacific free trade block, with USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the initial members. Good progress will be made with this in 2001.

Prediction 6
New Zealand needs to float a one billion New Zealand dollar sci-tech development corporation in 2001. This will be funded one third funded by government, one third by private enterprise, and one third by public subscription. A subcommittee of Cabinet will promote this.

Prediction 7
There will be indications of support for the new "People's Bank" in 2001.

Prediction 8
Impetus will be given to the overdue review of the tertiary education system.

Prediction 9
Leadership training of MPs will be initiated in 2001, and greater leadership forthcoming from Cabinet Subcommittees.

Prediction 10
Our first economic and political objective in 2001 will be to open up The US and New Zealand to free trade. We need free access to the US market.

Prediction 11
New Zealand will show good leadership with global peace keeping in 2001. Our empathy and caring for other peoples will be very much welcomed.

Prediction 12
The stock markets will offer investor gains in 2001, notably in relation to sci-tech research, big takeovers, and fishing stocks.

Prediction 13
We have to decide what we want to achieve as a nation in 2001. We have to make major value judgements.

Prediction 14
New Zealand will come close to a gene therapy cure for asthma.

Predictions 15
Across the wide spectrum of sports, New Zealand will enjoy good results in 2001.

Long Term Predictions

Prediction 16
From now on, Earth will move into the last ice age - a mini one. There will be large transfers of ocean waters to land, and significant cooling.

Prediction 17
In ten thousand years increasing heat from the core will end the mini ice age, and Earth will become uninhabitable 60,000 years from now.

Prediction 18
Within ten thousand years 5 billions will be relocated by starship to the star planets. Our future is in star space.

Prediction 19
Within 20 years the first intra-montane sci-tech enclave will be established in the US.

Prediction 20
Within 30 years a world enclave federation will become the leading world power.

Prediction 21
The major challenge is to genetically improve the mental health of our species, thereby reducing suffering and crime.

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