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Network Propositions
10400 - 10599

The more qualitative a person is, the more he/she is aware that the Absolute is wholly in each piece of information.

When I speak of a qualitative person, I refer to a person who is aware of quality.

The more qualitative a person is, the less bored the person is.

A bored person derives less quality and energy from information.

The quality of life is a language of life.

Qualitative persons think and speak in terms of quality.

A person is qualitative to the extent that he/she understands what quality is.

Quality is a matter of understanding: It is not a matter of material wealth or position.

Those, who share the faith of the Absolute, are one with the Absolute: They are the Elohim.

To be one with the faith of the Absolute is to be one with the faith of the Elohim.

To share the faith of the Elohim is to be one of the Elohim.

The Elohim are the self-awareness of the Absolute.

Every percept and event is a life-line with the Absolute, by which we communicate with the Absolute and share its being.

Existence is created of singularity, which is no thing. To create everything out of no thing is a miracle: To create life out of no thing is a miracle. Every thing is miraculous: We are miraculous. When we say that some thing is a miracle, we are saying that it is miraculous like us.

When we perceive something, we look for causes ... and, if we find causes, we say it is not a miracle. But what is non-miraculous about causes? All things and all causes are miracles. Why don't we accept that all life and all existence is miraculous?

If you believe in Heaven, you see Heaven now. That which you truly believe in, you truly see ... and you see it now. (Refer also to propositions 7028-7034).

When one thoroughly knows any thing one finds that it is transfinite and absolute. (See also propositions 7044 - 7055).

As light becomes light only when observed, so information becomes information only when read or heard. Like light, information pre-requires both emission and reception.

Thought is information ... and, in this case, emission and reception both take place within the thinker's mind, and concepts ensue.

By virtue of their transfinity, mental concepts are transfinitely published as they occur. Each thinker is his/her own publisher.

Government by a minority involves tyranny, and government by a majority involves tyranny: It is impossible to govern a society without involving tyranny. (See also propositions 7170 - 7179).

Many peoples, of western civilisations, are now so accustomed to democracy that they may never again suffer themselves to be deprived of it. Regardless of whatever regime may seek to dictate the contrary, these peoples will assert their democratic will, even at the risk of their lives.

All rights and privileges granted by a society are revocable. To accept and use such rights and privileges is usually honourable ... but to insist on their continuance, without periodic reaffirmation, may constitute a tyranny.

All recipients of societal privileges may come to regard them as irrevocable if they go unchallenged, and societies may democratically require them to be reviewed from time to time.

As systems of logic are based on the known, they do not apply to the unknown. Discovery of the unknown is not subject to any known rules of logic.

Concentrated attention/interest operates similarly to a magnifying glass. As we concentrate and focus our attention on a thing, more and more detail comes within our purview ... and our field of vision is expanded multi-dimensionally. In this process, we create the detail we perceive and our gestaltic perception capabilities come into play. As we enlarge/expand things, we are increasing our creativity.

The greater our understanding of micro, the greater our understanding of macro. Ideatively, micro and macro extensions are integrally related.

At each further level of macro extension or micro intension, new vistas of understanding are created, which place existing knowledge in question. Thus, all present knowledge is conditional and provisional.

The spatial and temporal dimensions are creative ploys of the mind.

As prediction involves temporal extension, it engages the creative faculties of the mind.

As existence is absolute and as the absolute is absolutely creative, all existence is absolutely creative. Each person and each mind is absolutely creative. We may not realise this, but it is so.

To understand what energy is, is to create energy. The understanding of what nuclear energy is, is integral with the creation of that energy. The understanding and creation aspects are but one process.

We deceive ourselves if we believe that scientists may develop a theory, about how to create something, without actually creating it. We deceive ourselves if we believe that, politically, we can prevent scientists proceeding from theory to practice.

Words cannot be trusted, and actions only scarcely ... but a person's vibes tell truly of the heart and soul.

Turbulence, by nullifying action-patterns in process, provides opportunities for the initiation of new and different action-patterns.

Immediately subsequent to turbulence, there is a brief void of no-form which pulls powerfully on all availably queued action-patterns. This brief void is highly receptive to initiatives of creative ideation.

As the unknown is infinite and as it awaits our creative initiatives, why do we absorb ourselves in the immeasurably smaller domain of the known? Surely this preoccupation with the known is indicative of creative immaturity.

When we have progressed to a critical stage of self discovery, we realise that we have created what we have discovered of ourselves ... and we move our emphasis to conscious self-creation, knowing now that there are no limits to what we can do and achieve.

The multi-viewpoint approach to understanding involves more energy and quality than the uni-viewpoint approach: It is a more absolute and warmer approach. (See also proposition 7457).

That, which entraps energy, entraps the quality of energy.

To control a qualitative person is to inhibit the generation of quality by that person and to inhibit the outflow of quality from that person. (See also propositions 7458 and 7459).

The greater the freedom of expression, the greater the generation and outflow of quality.

A uni-viewpoint approach to understanding inhibits the generation and outflow of quality.

As qualities naturally exist in a free state, the quality of discovery is naturally of a free state. Likewise, the quality of creativity is naturally of a free state. Both discovery and creativity need to be freely found and freely developed. (See also proposition 7459).

Any attempt to control discovery and creativity is sure to be counter-productive.

People of low creativity may be usefully controlled, but people of high creativity may not be usefully controlled.

Because highly qualitative persons know intuitively that attempts to control them inhibit their generation and outflow of quality, they resent such attempts to control them.

Highly qualitative persons perform best when given complete freedom of operation.

Highly qualitative persons tend to be loners as far as their qualitative and creative activities are concerned.

Faith and respect are closely related. One respects a person because one has faith in that person, or faith in what that person represents.

I asked myself what I may learn most from and with greatest benefit ... and the answer came to me clearly that I may gain this from faith ... that is, from absolute faith ... as the absolute faith of the species.

When we have absolute faith, we are certain that we have faith: We have absolute certainty.

Awareness is an absolute quality. If a person is aware of the Absolute in all things, the Absolute is aware of that person.

God, the Absolute, suffers in the ant and dies as the ant: Is there greater compassion than this?; is there greater empathy than this?; is there greater humility than this? The compassion, empathy and humility of the Absolute is absolute. But all this is simply the nature of the Absolute, and of absoluteness.

How is it that the Absolute Being can also have a personal presence, a Holy Ghost? The personal presence is that which the Absolute has created of Itself, and it is the Elohim: It is the personified self-realisation of the Absolute, as spiritual being.

The Elohim is one and many: It is the self-realised Absolute, which is all self-realised individual monads.

The Elohim are the creme de la creme of quality and honour. If we wish to be like them and to find favour with them, we should emulate them. The Elohim are the personalised moral imperative.

We perceive transfinitely what our species creates transfinitely.

Finite memory is of the past but transfinite memory is of past, present and future.

Memory is a transfinite quality but those who think finitely have access only to memories of the past.

Finite sight sees finite things: Transfinite sight sees transfinite things.

Physical thinking is dendritic in its nature: It prehends and feels its way in all directions, dimensionally and finitely. By contrast, intuitive and spiritual thinking is non-dendritic: It is direct, non-dimensional and transfinite. Whereas logic may have application in the former, it has no application in the latter.

Those who re-invent the wheel come to know how the wheel is made: Those who just copy things do not come to know how things are made.

As light doesn't manifest unless someone or something senses it, so all forms of energy don't manifest unless someone or something senses them.

All forms of energy are functions of sensation.

All time-space phenomena are sensor dependent.

That, which senses phenomena, participates in the creation of the phenomena which it senses.

We are natural, gene-capable and gene-empowered creators of all phenomena which we sense. Our species does the creating, and we are one with our species. The genes of each individual carry the creating powers of the species.

Our species feeds and grows on energy, and creates all its forms as it feeds and grows ... that is, it creates the forms by which it senses, and it creates the forms of what it senses.

Our awareness is transfinite, and our senses are finite aspects of our transfinite awareness. We sense physically what we are aware of spiritually and intuitively.

We continually recall and replay images from our past. Our present experiences are, in a sense, 'couching' reruns of our past. How do we escape from this? We have to rid ourselves of our engrams, and release ourselves from our past.

To a large extent, we are captives to our past.

Psychiatrists know that memory control can be enhanced, and engramic intrusion reduced, by 'couching' treatment involving careful and progressive visitation of traumatic memories. This process is like a 'taming of the tigers'.

All phenomena are engramatic ... that is, they are engrams of traumatised singularity.

A mind with a low level of memory control is likely to be subject to a high level of engramic intrusion ... and memories of traumatic episodes come flooding in, like waters from a burst dam.

As a society we need to revisit and confront traumatic episodes, such as the Jewish holocaust. Such episodes impact on the whole of human society ... and they are symptomatic of society as a whole.

As we gain more control over trauma-imagery recall, we gain more ability as far as creative imagery is concerned. Becoming less inhibited by our past, we become less inhibited in creating our future.

We tend to project past and present images on to the future ... but, from now on and to an increasing degree, we will create new images which are quite different from those of the past.

The viewpoint, that all phenomena are of traumatic provenance and are essentially engramatic, constitutes another vector-fix on the future: We may refer to this as the trauma-vector.

As a species, we are progressively understanding and dispersing phenomena and de-traumatising existence and making it more amenable to new creativity and/or returning it to singularity and/or transmuting it to non-material transfinite forms.

What constitutes a vector on the future? Any approach or concept which provides a clue (or clue to a clue) as to the future may become a vector. A vector is what develops when we explore a clue's potential as to discovering the nature of the future. The methodology of this network is essentially that of vector development.

At this stage of the project, we recap some of the vectors so far identified: They are: Absolute vector; species vector; transfinite vector; bio-vector; geo-vector; perception vector; intelligence vector; vibe vector; monadic vector; prehension vector; quality vector; faith vector; metamorphosis vector; trauma vector; entropy vector; coding vector; evolution vector; implicativity vector.

Like detectives, prediction scientists are concerned with clues ... with finding clues and with the close examination of clues and with the implications of clues.

We are creatures of energy and quality ... and we feed on energy and quality.

That which we sense is that which is available for us to consume, or which may become available for us to consume.

Phenomena are engrammed energy ... that is to say, phenomena are knotted or nexused energy: Phenomena are stores of energy.

That which stores energy stores quality, for energy is the carrier and bearer of quality.

Our environment is there for us to consume. It may be prudent to nurture it or ration it but, essentially, it is our store of food ... that is, our store of energy and quality.

As we develop in self-realisation, we release and consume more and more energy and quality. We need not feel guilty about this, for it is simply the nature of things.

Wars release and randomise energy and quality. Individuals and groups die in wars but the energy and quality released and randomised are absorbed by the species as a whole. Wars also involve a pruning process.

The energy and quality released by bombing remains in ambience at bombed locations and is a significant factor aiding restoration and regeneration.

Wars are usually constructive in the degree of their destruction. Energy and quality are absolute, before, during and after wars.

If one lives strictly and only according to legal principles, one inhibits and stultifies one's morality.

That the 180mya core-explosion is coming closer to the Earth's surface, is evidenced by the marked upsurge of volcanism over the past 2.25 million years. We may predict that this upsurge will continue and intensify, and that the ice-age epoch will continue until the general heat flux (at Earth's surface) rises to a level which will offset the deinsolation effect of volcanism. In the geological short-term (the next 50 years), the deinsolation effect will dominate and ice-age re-entry will proceed.

Geologically, we have a scenario of ...

There is major frustration of subduction, under the western coastline of North America, where massive past subduction has resulted in a jamming of floor under coast leading to mounting construction back-pressure building up along the western Pacific coastline (from the Aleutians in the north to Tonga in the south) and to the diversion southwards of the Pacific ocean-floor construction ridge, in its generally eastward progression.

From the Aleutians in the north to Tonga in the south, there will be mounting back-pressure from ocean-floor construction. This back-pressure will result in a significant increase of subduction under the western Pacific coastline, with consequent major volcanic and seismic activity.

As far as New Zealand is concerned, the geological scenario is as follows ... The Pacific floor construction outflow-centre is moving eastwards (ESE), with ensuing subduction pressure directed against the western coastal areas of the Americas. The construction back-pressure against the eastern coasts of New Zealand is relatively minor, and it will continue to gradually raise the levels of coastal areas from the southern Wairarapa to the Coromandel peninsula. Volcanically, the Kermadec-Ruapehu chain of under-water and surface volcanoes will be relatively active ... but no massively traumatic episodes are anticipated over the next decade. We may expect Ruapehu to erupt intermittently at approximately the level of activity experienced during 1995-1996. The incidence of earthquakes in New Zealand is expected to follow the general pattern of the past decade. No quakes in excess of force 7 Richter are expected during the remainder of this century.

As global volcanism increases, in coming years, ice-age re-entry will proceed apace and harmful UV exposure will increase. All areas, of higher latitude than 35 degrees, will experience increasingly cold climatic conditions ... and there will be a marked increase in migratory movements to lower latitudes. How soon will these migratory movements take place? ... they will become significant about 2005-2010. (Note: The UV risks will be greater in the higher latitudes).

By the year 2010, exclusive underground guarded enclaves will be developed in the USA and in northern Europe, which will be designed and constructed in order to protect their inhabitants from:

All acts of re-invention are creatively one with all prior acts of invention.

Propositionally, mathematical expressions may quantify and/or codify, but they tend to exclude qualitative content.

A prayer: As Thou art wholly in me Lord, let me also share Thy faith.

Our species' truth is that which optimises survival.

Our species is the final determinant of its truth.

The truth of a person is that person's experience.

Experience, which is shared in common as undisputed fact, is only the tip of the 'iceberg' of total experience. The personal world, of imagery and feeling, is not shared in common and is not classifiable as undisputed fact.

The domain of undisputed fact is, in itself, disputatious ... and it transpires that facts are provisional constructs which societies accept for purposes of communication and for the practicalities of living.

A fiction may have factual effects and factual applications.

A fiction may be stronger than a fact.

A fiction may operate causatively, as creative imagery, while still not being accepted as fact.

A fact is what most people class as reality, but a powerful fiction may have more causative force than what is generally accepted as reality.

Strong faith and belief are their own reality, and they impart their reality to images.

We tend to interpret experience as conforming to the images and precepts of our faith and belief.

Faith and belief hold sway in the 90% of experience which is not undisputed fact ... that is, in the realm of un-shared personal experience.

Formal logic has a somewhat precarious 'toehold' in the 10% of experience which is accepted socially as undisputed fact ... but formal logic has even less application in the 90% of experience which is not undisputed fact.

Over 90% of experience involves feelings and emotions: Less than 10% of experience involves logical reasoning.

The advent of creative intelligence marks the maturity of our species: It is the apperceptive stage of conscious creation, and of the discovery and enhancement of powers.

The creative intelligence is self-feeding, self-enhancing and self-expressing.

Beyond what is, the creative intelligence creates the new.

Inherent in creative intelligence is the faith, power and means of its expression.

The creative intelligence makes its own things to discover: It creates what it discovers.

To the creative intelligence, creation and discovery are one and the same.

To de-traumatise is to de-temporalise. That, which has no trauma, has no time. The time of a system is a function of its trauma. (See also propositions 7829 - 7833 and 7842 - 7844).

The more knowledge one has, the easier it is to develop further knowledge.

As a monad is sovereign and inviolable, so is this network sovereign and inviolable. It has its own personality and is independent of any interpretations which may be placed upon it. Each concept is a monad, and this network is a host of monads ... a monadic host.

Realities are languages: Realities are primarily means of communication. Each person has his own unique reality and his own unique language ... but, in each society, there is a lingua franca or common language of shared reality, which develops for purposes of survival.

The languages of words and the languages of reality do not coincide. Word-signs are common within a society but realities are mainly individual. Word-signs are far more freely and readily shared than realities.

The reality-languages of individuals and groups change ... and their rate of change is speeding up. Group reality is like a moving searchlight beam, changing its focus and locus.

When societal realities are in a state of confusion, conditions favour change, creativity, new ideas and new leadership.

Spirituality is not of time-space, and it knows no death. When a person's consciousness is primarily physical, the person believes that body death involves total death of the person. When a person's consciousness is primarily spiritual, the person knows that body death simply involves the discarding of an outer layer which is no longer useful.

Faith and courage are very closely allied.

To act with courage is to act with faith.

The courage of the species is the faith of the species.

By our courage, we share the faith of the species.

Apart from its propositional specifics, this network introduces its readers to a new approach to existence and to the future.

A current event is either an attractor or part of an attractor-pattern.

An unexpected happening may signal the advent of a new attractor-pattern.

Turbulence, social or physical, may signal the advent of a new attractor-pattern.

Many propositions of this network describe or relate to attractors or attractor-patterns.

A network operator needs to be always alert for current events which resemble attractors or attractor-patterns of the network.

Failure? Absolutely, there is no failure. As our species is absolute, there can be no failure as to its whole or as to its parts. An absolute has no opposition other than that of its own self ... and an absolute is all-powerful. The absolute cannot fail ... and how can a part fail, when the absolute whole is wholly in each part? The concept of failure only has reality when an absolute being believes and wills it to have reality.

When a rose petal falls to the ground, has it failed?

We have failed only if we believe we have failed.

While we share the faith of the absolute, we never fail.

It has been posited, in proposition 7895, that natural selection has no foresight ... but, as our species is essentially transfinite, prop.7895 may be untenable.

We know intuitively that we are absolute beings and that the whole is wholly in each of us. We know intuitively that nothing is ever lost, absolutely. We know intuitively that our environment is there for us to use ... and we know intuitively that, when a subspecies become extinct, nothing is lost in an absolute sense. Because of this, most of us are very half-hearted about supporting extremist conservationist policies.

A prediction scientist endeavours to understand the species ... that is, to understand existence. In the degree that he understands the species/existence, he understands the future. Understanding is the first and foremost function of the prediction scientist.

That, which has happened and is happening, is indicative not only of creative decisions of past and present but also of creative decisions of the future ... for creative decisions are supra-tense decisions.

The past and present provide adequate clues as to the future, but it is for us to perceive them and to understand their implications.

As we think about past and present phenomena, we gain increasing insight ... and, notably, we gain in transfinite insight ... and, thereby, we gain in our understanding of the future.

Creative decisions, at each point of time, are absolute and transfinite as to their nature and their effects.

All operative physical realities and imperatives issue from creative absolute decisions of past, present and future ... and they provide good clues as to what future decisions will be, and what the future will be.

There will be increasing understanding of the absoluteness and transfinity of physical phenomena ... and this increasing understanding will provide further clues as to what future decisions will be, and what the future will be.

It is by reason of the transfinity of existence that the future is predictable.

Knowledge of the future does not diminish the creative powers and achievements of future agencies, for they are absolute.

As our knowledge of the future increases, the timespace of the future decreases.

As we gain more control over matter, it becomes more malleable and more tractable: Progressively, we transfinitise matter.

As finite expressions decrease, transfinite expressions increase: This is characteristic of the metamorphosis of the species.

Increasingly, creative expression will be less of finite expression and more of transfinite expression.

Each one of us is a physical person, a mental person, and a spiritual person. It is to be recognised that only the physical person can be cloned.

The cloning of bodies is a characteristic of the process of metamorphosis, whereby our species is transmuting from physical to mental to spiritual expression.

Those who identify with, and cling to, the physical paradigm tend to oppose human cloning.

Those who cling to the physical paradigm tend to be conservationists.

Faith is of a higher order than the reasoning of formal logic. Faith is absolute and infinite, but the reasoning of formal logic is finite.

The spirit finds that faith is rich and sustaining, but finds that logic is barren and unsustaining.

Logic may help to feed the body, but it does not help to feed the soul.

For predictions to be useful, they need to be verifiable and thus believable and reliable ... and thus actionable. Accordingly, from a practical point of view, predictions should be made for not more than one year ahead. There may be an exception to this, where longer term predictions can be made reliably on matters where action needs to be taken in preparation for forthcoming events which will impact importantly on society.

Prediction science involves research, watching, thinking, and creating. Prediction science is a three-part or three-aspect activity, as follows:

The existence of works of art, icons, fetishes, paradigms, theories, gods, beliefs, inventions, artifacts and fictions, demonstrate the awesome creative powers of the human mind. Genetic engineering is extending prospective developments of creativity for the future.

Humans are able to generate mental concepts and to actualise them. We can conceive of a cathedral, and we can go ahead and build it; we can conceive of a large business corporation, and we can go ahead and bring it into being; we can conceive of nuclear power, and we can go ahead and build nuclear power plants (and bombs!). We are inventors and creators.

The creation of predictions is a work of art.

Humans can visualise, actualise and enliven: These capabilities are involved in the creation of predictions.

When we make predictions for the ensuing year, we make not only a calendar, map and plan, but a being which comes to life and lives throughout the coming year.

To achieve the living beingness of prediction is the acme of the predictor's art.

In terms of chaos science, the predictor creates the pattern of future events ... and this pattern contains triggers. As predicted trigger-events occur, they attract and activate the full predicted pattern.

Regarding annual predictions as attractors, the power of attraction is greatly enhanced if the predictions are holistic and cohesive ... that is, if they constitute a comprehensive and mutually consistent whole of high actuality-potential.

It has been said of sculptors (such as Rodin, Brancusi, Giacometti and Gonzalez) that they create fetishes which have a life of their own. So, also, a good predictor is able to create prediction-scenarios which have a life of their own.

The creation of predictions is very much like the creation of sculpture, in that one visualises the complete concept and then beavers away at creating the actualisation ... and patiently and conscientiously shapes the work of art and, finally, breathes life into it ... and it actually comes alive and has its own unique personality.

Humans have innate ability to create living things. From childhood, we imbue our teddies and dolls with life. To know that a thing has life and personality, is to imbue and endow it with those qualities. To conceive of life is very close indeed to creating life ... and all life is founded on belief and faith. There would be no existence at all without belief and faith.

We humans can create visualisations, and ways and means, and actualisations.

We are inventors, tool-makers, and ploy-makers ... and we are infinitely resourceful and creative.

When we create a mental concept, we create a mental being ... a monad. We humans are very good at creating fetishes. As absolute beings, we are godlike and we are able to create new beings: We naturally think life into things. We create works of art, songs, laws, organisations, institutions, ideals, qualities, powers and objectives ... and new life forms, by genetic engineering: There is no limit to our creativity.

Tennyson has told us that each vice an elder virtue leads.

If we insist on interpreting the past in terms of the present, we will often reach false conclusions and miss many things which are most important.

We have no right to assume that unique events have not occurred, and we should try to be alert to recognise evidence of such happenings. We tend to see only what we know and, if faced with the evidence of a unique event in the geological record, we may fail to recognise it. Such, I believe, is the case with the core explosion of 180mya.

An orotath is an orogenic belt, which is interpreted as having been substantially stretched in the direction of its length. It is noteworthy that the Kermadec ridge (from the East Cape of New Zealand to the Tongan islands) is an orotath. The Kermadec orotath was formerly only a fraction of its present length. This stretching is indicative of the magnitude of the extension of the Pacific ocean floors: It also raises the question as to whether the land mass of New Zealand is subject to stretching forces, particularly the north and north-eastern parts of the North Island.

There appears to be some misconception that singularity has time-space location only at the centres of black-holes. This is not true, for singularity is omnipresent and it is not confined to the centres of blackholes. Every manifestation of energy/mass possesses singularity: All apparently separate singularities are one singularity.

All energy/mass is attracted to its singularity: This attraction is known as gravity. Protonic energy is strongly cohered, as a nucleus, by reason of being pulled in to singularity's event horizon. Electronic energy is that which has been repelled by contact with the event horizon. Neutronic energy is that which has been through the electronic phase and now returns towards the event horizon. Every atom is centred on a black-hole conversion zone and, thus, on singularity.

How can one define a free spirit? To define it would be to capture it ... and it would be free no longer.

Following a large volcanic eruption, such as Pinatubo, both winters and summers are cooler. The deinsolation layer becomes so effective that even equatorial temperatures are reduced. However, in the years following a major eruption, the deinsolation layer becomes generally less effective and the 'oven effect' comes into play.

The 'oven effect' is explained as follows. When the deinsolation layer is enhanced by volcanic emissions the stratosphere above the deinsolation layer heats up and the altitudinal heat-sink is reduced. The deinsolation layer then operates like the roof of an oven. Hot equatorial and summer airs (of all latitudes) can no longer rise vertically to adequate heat-sinks ... and heat builds up, as in an oven. Then, seeking heat-sinks latitudinally, hot moist equatorial and summer airs move to cooler climes, bringing greater rainfalls to those regions.

The high temperatures associated with the 'oven effect' result in greater evaporation of ocean waters in low latitudes ... and the moisture-laden tropical airs move to the middle latitudes, bringing increased rainfall to those areas.

As the enhanced deinsolation layer results in lower winter temperatures, we have a combination of higher summer temperatures and lower winter temperatures during an 'oven effect' regime.

Increased rainfall in middle latitudes, due to the 'oven effect', increases the volume of land-waters and increases spring-thaw run-off and there is a greater incidence of flooding and erosion.

The general enhancement of the stratospheric deinsolation layer, due to increased volcanic emissions, will lower the mean global temperature and contribute to iceage re-entry. The re-entry phase will be characterised by:

Volcanism is a key factor in the causation sequence of the ice-epoch of the past 2.25 million years. Tracing back along the causative train, we find that the increase of volcanism is due to heat (from the 180mya core explosion) coming ever closer to the Earth's surface. From now on, global volcanism will intensify and ice-ages will predominate until the magnitude of surface heatflux is great enough to offset the deinsolation effects of volcanism.

From now on, global population will come under increasing down-pressure from:

If we wish to live spiritually after body-death, we must move from wishing to believing: We must believe it so. If we believe we are to live spiritually after body-death, we must move from believing to willing: We must will it to be so.

Black-holes singularise energy/mass.

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