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Network Propositions
10000 - 10199

Our species progressively creates its future: It creates its nuclear conditions and its diseases and its physical demise. It creates its spirituality and its spiritual lives ... and it creates its physical-to-spiritual metamorphosis.

Most current theories of perception are based on the premiss that an individual is separate from other beings and from the environment generally ... and that the individual receives information signals from 'outside' itself. Some bio theories suggest that genetic programming influences what and how we perceive ... and that information signals come to an individual partly from 'inside' itself. This present network indicates that there is one species, which constitutes the whole of existence ... and that there is no 'outside'. The environment is contained within the species, as an integral aspect of the species. This opens up the question as to whether any information comes from 'outside' the individual. It seems that all information is of the species and comes from within the species ... and that, as each individual is integral with the entire species, all information comes from 'inside'.

The species creates its information and we, as individuals, participate actively in this creation process. All information is species-generated ... and each individual has carte blanche powers to initiate and develop information. The species is absolute and all its agencies are absolute: Each individual is absolute, and has absolute powers.

As the species metamorphoses from physical to non-physical expression, it reduces the effectiveness of immune systems which preserve and sustain physicality.

It is a simple matter to enter heaven: It is simply a matter of realisation and a matter of choice. The choice is whether to put a higher value on spiritual life or on material life. The choice is simple, as it has always been ... that is, between God and mammon. (See also proposition 5731).

By taking materiality to self-destructive extremes, much evil assists the process of metamorphosis, from material to spiritual.

According to the purpose and nature of what it creates, creative intelligence may be either materialistic or spiritual. It is subservient to a will-persona ... that is, to a self-realised monad.

Knowledge 'pressures' on to new and further knowledge. Greater knowledge does not reduce this 'pressure', it increases it. The 'tree' of knowledge grows ever larger and larger.

Now I know why clowns are so fascinating: They are aping God Himself ... the existential, caring and whimsical God. The clown's eyes are sad ... for God suffers and is one with the human condition: He is caring and compassionate ... for He is feeling it all Himself. He tries to cheer us up and to make us laugh ... but, underneath his mask, He does not laugh.

God tells us to get on with what He wants us to do, and that He will deal to those who need to be dealt to. He tells us to get on with our business and He will take care of everything.

We are, each of us, all that is: And, with our mind, we see that which no one else can see, and we can do that which no one else can do; and we are God, but only as and when He wants it so.

We are of the body of God, and we are pleased to be used as and when He wills.

I looked around and saw many people, looking like so many light-bulbs, and most of them has hardly a discernible flicker of light ... but then it came to me that every one of them was 'wired-up' to God, and could be in an instant all aglow with His radiance: And so it is that I greet them, for I never know when they will suddenly light up.

The meaning, of a thing to us, is its reality. Every sensed or imagined thing has meaning for us ... even dreams and phantasies. As everything has meaning, everything is real. The meanings of our species are the realities of our species. Meaning equates reality.

As consciousness is transfinite, a person's present consciousness and that person's consciousness of past events, are one consciousness.

As consciousness is transfinite, a person's present and future consciousness of a future event are one consciousness.

By reason of the transfinity of consciousness, a predictor may access consciousness of future events.

As words and interpretation are not adequate to viewpoint, all forms of communication belong to the performing arts. (See also propositions 6306 - 6313).

Entertainment is a key aspect of all communications.

That which entertains will be memorable in the degree to which it entertains.

As communication is a performing art, spectators, listeners and readers expect to be entertained. If they are not entertained, they will be bored and disinterested and inattentive.

Anything, which attracts and holds interest, may be said to entertain.

Basically, our species must be interested and involved: It must be entertained. We must be interested in order to live healthily. Interest and entertainment are very closely allied.

Each one of us is an individual agent of our species. Our primaeval will-energy (the id) is a species' power; our environment is a species' environment; we sense, see and think as our species-genes programme us to sense, see and think; when we create, we create with our species' creative powers ... and we create for and on behalf of our species. We are individuals, yes ... but we are also as communal as a great hive of bees. Importantly, we are a transfinitely communal species.

Communality is enhanced by common heritage; family life; common religion, customs, laws and language; peaceful co-existence and proximity; sharing of danger, disaster, succour, success, joy and security; sharing of good leadership; sharing of entertainment, sounds, movement and sights; communal work projects; peaceful eye-contact and touching; communal care of the young; communal teaching and instruction; communal sports and games; and communal feasting.

Self-moments are transfinite. To discount a past self moment is to discount a present self-moment and a future self-moment. One should revisit and relive and savour one's memories. Some say we should forget the past but, to forget the past, involves a partial occlusion of the present.

As we extend our knowledge of the past and present, we extend our knowledge of the future. (See also propositions 6489 and 6506).

As God is above law, His actions seem to be whimsical ... and acts of holy obedience seem also to be whimsical.

The absolute is a collective of all viewpoints: Viewpoints are qualitative, transfinite and eternal. The absolute's viewpoints are its awareness and self knowledge. The absolute is eternal and its viewpoints are eternal; its viewpoints are monadic and they cannot exist independently of monads; and monads are eternal. We are, each of us, monads, and we each have eternal life.

Those accustomed to holy obedience are of God and they are obedient to none other.

It may truly be said that God is wholly in every person, including all those who give orders ... but God's will of holy obedience is clear and is infinitely more important and powerful than any other instructions.

We gestalt ourselves, to whole and complete forms, in order that we may live physically. (See also propositions 6809 - 6810).

New information is our new growth: We are information-beings. (See also propositions 6829 - 6830).

Like gold miners, people work for the gold of new information ... and most of the workings are in the old mines. The tailings are reworked and reworked, by historians, for any information left behind. (See also proposition 6875).

Predictors keep a watch on the diggings but they know that there is a great deal of information-gold still to be found ... and they search widely and diligently to discover the new lodes of the future.

The more we explore the meaning of information, the better we digest it ... that is, the more quality and energy we extract from it.

To the extent that we believe in an after-life, we will have an after-life: We make it for ourselves.

To believe in something is to create it. When we believe in God, we create the God we believe in. God is our species-spirit. When a person says he doesn't believe in God, he is saying that he doesn't want to create a species-spirit.

When people have power, they think and act as if they own it. No one owns power: It is not ownable.

The constancy and speed of winds tends to increase with altitude.

As pressure rises, heat rises. The high base pressures, of two-mile thick Antarctic ice, is almost causing deep ice (in contact with underlying rock) to melt.

Based on North Pacific ocean-floor temperature estimates, Tertiary period temperatures fell sharply ... from 14 to 2 degrees C towards the close of the Pliocene. (Note: The Pliocene was 5 to 2 million years ago).

Theoretically, an artificial increase in polar whiteness (by nuclear-induced melt) could plunge the Earth into another ice-age.

Ninety percent of the atmosphere's particle load is in the lower atmosphere, and ten percent is in the stratosphere. Most of the latter is of volcanic origin.

It has been noted that stratospheric volcanic dust veils last up to 3 years at low latitudes, and 3-10 years at middle to high latitudes. Some volcanic dust may be carried up as high as 80 kms by convection.

According to one meteorologist, the stratospheric particulate load has varied by a factor of 100, from one group of years to another.

Rasool and Schneider (1971) estimated that a fourfold increase of suspended aerosol content of the atmosphere would lower the mean surface temperature of the Earth by 3.5 degrees C.

We may usefully discern three modes of consciousness: They are ...

Analogies are playthings, but we need to ensure that they do not play with us.

This propositional network enables the brain to perform collective inferences concerning future outcomes. (See also proposition 5528).

Neurons generate energy as they use it: Neurons generate energy as needed. Our species generates energy as it uses it: Our species generates energy as needed. In dichotomous relation, need is positive to supply negative. (See also proposition 5558).

The reasoning processes of finite formal logic are not adequate to transfinity ... but we are transfinite beings. The reasoning processes, taught in our educational institutions, do not equip us to deal with transfinity and with transfinite life. Our learned reasoning capabilities are not adequate to our needs as transfinite beings.

Each individual has his/her own unique future ... and only the individual can determine what that future shall be.

This is our most important life, for in this life we determine our belief or disbelief in transfinite life ... that is, in eternal life.

We are sovereign beings and what we believe in is what we get.

Those, who do not believe in a transfinite after-life, will not have a transfinite after-life.

This life is a 'water-shed' of belief: This present life is our life of decision. Here, we will either achieve certainty of our eternal life or we will not achieve it. This life is crucial to each one of us.

Belief, in one's transfinity, determines whether we have transfinite life now and ever. If we believe our life to be finite, it will be finite. It is for us to choose, one way or the other.

In this life we will opt in or opt out of transfinite life.

Belief in one's transfinity is individual and personal: It is in one's mind and spirit. No external act is required ... only internal conviction and certainty.

Truth is a transfinite quality and it is not apposite to say that there is one truth or two truths or three truths or even an endless series of truths ... for truth simply cannot be numbered or measured. Truth, like love and beauty, defies measurement.

Those, who do not believe in miracles, will never see them.

It is an imperative of the Absolute to express itself, and expression involves the patterned cohesion of energy ... namely negentropy.

Everything, which is created negentropically, is uncreated (dispersed) entropically.

Dispersal is a prerequisite of creation.

Expression is perceived, dichotomously, as creation (negentropy) or dispersal (entropy).

As expression is an imperative, so also negentropy and entropy are imperatives.

If 'black-hole' conversion mechanisms disperse energy-matter, there must also be 'white-hole' conversion mechanisms which cohere energy-matter.

It is probable that our universe's 'big-bang' creation was a 'white-hole' emergence.

We do not truly live unless we are at one with the essence and soul of our species ... that is, until we are at one with God, the Absolute.

When a person suffers the ache of loneliness, that person shares that suffering with the Absolute: All loneliness is the loneliness of the Absolute.

Creators derive their own reality from the realities which they create: The realities we create are our own realities. One's entire personality is a reality of one's own creation.

We are transfinite beings, and we create ourselves transfinitely. One's own personality is the totality of all the realities one creates.

A new language? A student of prediction science acquires a new outlook on life and many new concepts and words. He finds that most popular discussions and comments about the future appear to be nonsensical. When he ventures his own views of the future, he finds it extremely difficult to explain why he thinks differently. How can one explain without a shared knowledge of the network and prediction science philosophy? We have, in prediction science, a new language and a new thought-world.

The words of God, spoken through Christ and the prophets, are not meant to be analysed but to be received as they are, in the spirit of holy obedience.

To a predictor, his future scenario may seem obvious ... but, to others, that scenario may seem scarcely believable.

We tend often to think of having faith in some thing ... but faith is not dependent on any thing. Faith is a stand-alone quality. Regardless of circumstances, one either has faith or does not have faith. One can be utterly deserted and alone, and still have faith. The Absolute is alone on the void, but the Absolute has absolute faith.

Without faith there is nothing. Faith, finally, is in one's self ... for, if the Absolute had no faith in itself, it would never be. Let us sum up and say 'no faith, no life'.

Faith is primal and faith has primacy: It cannot be said that any quality has greater importance than faith.

The entire universe is a wonderful wild plant, and its name is faith.

To maori, 'Io' is the supreme being.

To maori, the 'wairua' is the spiritual form of a person or thing, and the 'atua' is the spiritual essence of a person or thing. One's 'atua' is one's protecting genius.

To maori, the 'hau' of a person is the vital life force of the person.

To maori, 'hau ora' denotes welfare, health and vigour ... and spiritual welfare and saving-power or salvation.

To maori, 'mana' means authority, influence, prestige, power and psychic force. The concept applies particularly to individual personalities. The gods are seen as the strength and mainstay of 'mana'. A person of 'mana' has power over the forces of nature.

To maori, a 'manaia' is a spirit-friend or spirit-adherent or spirit-ally.

To maori, that which is 'tapu' has been placed under a spiritual caveat or proscription. That which is 'tapu' is to be regarded as holy or as spiritually uncertain ... and even as spiritually dangerous.

The Absolute is, because it has the will to be and the faith to be.

The life, of each and every individual, is essential to the life of the species.

A personality trait of an individual is a personality trait of the species.

While an individual lives, his/her personality traits are essential to the life of the species.

A society is a subset of the absolute species mainset.

When societies seek to control individual personality traits, it is the species mainset which initiates and governs such control.

When an individual or society feels a consciousness of what is right or wrong, it is the species mainset which initiates and governs such feelings and their outcomes.

Each individual will and faith is subset to the mainset will and faith of the absolute species.

Each individual will and faith has complete access to the will and faith of the absolute species.

Whatever feelings or opinions an individual has, concerning his/her own personality traits, he/she may be assured that they are the traits of the species and that they serve the species' will/faith optimally and absolutely.

As an individual is a subset of the absolute species mainset, every thought and action of the individual is of the species. It is not possible for an individual to think or act contrary to the will/faith of the absolute species.

The first commandment, 'thou shalt have no other gods before me', involves an affirmation and constant reminder that God the Absolute is wholly present always and wholly within us always.

An absolute moment is forever. Every moment is absolute. Absolutely, each and every moment is forever.

That, which the Absolute has, as the essence of its being, is faith ... and each of us may share absolutely in that faith. Faith is the being of being: It is being able to be. Always absolute faith is integral with absolute will ... and this is enunciated in the 'I Am', of God's declaration to Moses. Faith and will are the affirmatory and declaratory twin-qualities of absolute expression. Always there is the faith to will, and the will to faith.

In Boltzmann's view, physics and philosophy are inseparably connected.

Boltzmann always tried to combine the macro and micro aspects of theory into a single coherent thesis. In my work, I also try to do this ... and my network, as a whole, constitutes a single coherent thesis.

Boltzmann noted that our knowledge is, to a great extent, based upon arbitrary assumptions.

Boltzmann argued in favour of bold hypothetical concepts, as ways of making major advances in understanding.

Boltzmann pointed out that theories transcend experience, in that they express more than is contained in experimental results, and they express the experimental results in an idealised manner. Our theories are often only partly determined by the facts: The rest is an arbitrary invention of the mind. (Note: Einstein was influenced by Boltzmann's thinking).

The way in which we theorise by 'fleshing out' bare facts and making whole concepts from discrete data, is essentially a gestalt process. (See index, for gestalt references).

Boltzmann was most reluctant to accept any views of conventional wisdom. He had a low opinion of the thinking powers of most thinkers.

Boltzmann doubted the continuity of time, and even the notion of continuity itself. It seems to me that we gestalt continuity from discontinuous percepts, in much the same way that we gestalt whole visual forms from discrete percepts.

We perceive time, as a continuous uninterrupted flow, because we are genetically programmed to perceive it SO.

Facts are not isolated from one another: They are endlessly implicated and they are essentially integral, being all subsets of the infinite-absolute mainset.

Because of the implicative and integral nature of existence, the synthetic and divisive processes of formal logic are not adequate to understanding ... and the processes of insight are revealed as the major means of gaining knowledge.

Knowledge develops primarily by insight.

Without the power of insight, inductive and deductive reasoning processes are largely tautological.

Inductive and deductive reasoning may usefully subserve the processes of insight.

Facts are gathered, analysed and reasoned ... and then one must ask oneself what it all means ... and then insight comes into play.

Even the gathering of facts may be insightful.

Comprehensive propositional networks of knowledge assist the processes of insight.

The care of this world and the care for this world and the cares of this world ... all these cares make the heart/soul/mind unreceptive to the spiritual seed ... and, because of these cares, the seed does not germinate and grow. (Refer to the parable of the sower, in Matthew 13).

Our species manifests random energy-quality of itself and, by its self-developed genetic programming, it selects encoded embryo-concepts and then creates gestalted whole concepts from them.

Historically, prophecy has always been seen as coming from inspired insight, rather than from intellectual insight ... but there is no clear distinction between these insights. Were not the intellectual insights of Darwin and Einstein inspired? Prophecy is prophecy, whatever its provenance.

The transfinite personalities, of those who have passed on from physical life, are able to facilitate and augment our access to transfinite powers: They are effective conduits of influence and action.

Contacts, between transfinite personalities, are on a vibe level.

Awareness of transfinity creates transfinity.

We may become intuitively and sub-consciously aware of our transfinity.

Our transfinite life is not being made by someone else: It is not there ready-made ... and we must create it ourselves.

Largely sub-consciously, we make our transfinite life now, in this life ... and we make it to be timeless and eternal. We establish our individuality in timeless transfinity ... and it can never be erased.

We keep each other alive by our love of one another.

The main raison d'6tre of love is shared loneliness of the void.

We see, what we see, as a species ... and we see it transfinitely. The species creates transfinitely what we see, as we see it.

When we praise our God, we not only evoke Him, we make Him: To praise our God is to make our God.

When we pray to our God, we not only evoke Him, we make Him: To pray to our God is to make our God.

Praise of God and prayer to God are thaumaturgic. Worshippers are thaumaturgists and magicians.

To concentrate our attention on one aspect is to marginalise and depreciate those aspects which do not have our attention.

To concentrate attention on computers and quantitative aspects of life is to marginalise and depreciate qualitative aspects of life.

The Absolute is wholly in each person: Therefore, regardless of any other factors, each person is the agent of the Absolute.

Each person is entitled to be respected as the agent of the Absolute.

Every word of God is pure. He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

The first commandment is the key to Heaven. To live out the first commandment is to live in Heaven.

Heaven is not the prerogative of those who have passed on from physical life. Heaven is available now to those who live out the first commandment.

When a person sees everything as perfect and knows everything to be perfect, that person is in Heaven.

Heaven is here and now when you know it to be here and now.

Scientific theories are instruments which assist us to control and to anticipate things and events.

It is not possible to make that, which is absolute, non-absolute.

We cannot, by percept or concept, make unabsolute that which is absolute.

Bodies are born and bodies die, and we perceive the interval between birth and death to be non-absolute ... but our perception does not make it so, for existence is absolute.

Time is of finite perception, but existence is absolute.

Everything that we are aware of is absolute ... even the coming and passing which we conceive of as time. Each moment is absolute.

When a person realises that each moment is absolute, there is no time as far as that person is concerned,

To realise that each moment is absolute is to realise that the self is absolute.

Faith and inspiration raise prediction to prophecy.

The most powerful quality of all is faith ... and, in this awareness, all else is diversion or dilution. To in any way analyse or describe or qualify faith, is to exclude it. The faith I refer to depends upon no thing, for it is pure and unalloyed and unconditional and substantive and stand-alone faith.

Breathe with the Absolute in faith; have faith, and breathe with the Absolute; breathing with the Absolute, have faith; breathe in faith, with the Absolute.

He, who breathes with the Absolute, shares its faith: He, who shares the Absolute faith, breathes absolutely.

To the creator, reality is fiction made real.

Each and every person, who lives according to the first commandment, shares a brotherhood and sisterhood of oneness and service ... and they support each other in that oneness and service.

To the extent that we help the whole to survive, the whole helps us to survive.

We survive, as individuals, in order that the whole may survive.

The Lord, the Absolute, is not only perfectly wise but also perfectly innocent.

A starling was trapped in our wall and suffered and died. The Absolute, all existence, was trapped in our wall and suffered and died.

We are now at the stage where the future prompts the present, ever more imperiously. We are accelerating the mergence of past/present/future into the absolute here-now: We are fast collapsing past and future into present time.

It is acceptable for associates of a predictor to computerise his network (as far as they are able) but the predictor himself should guard against the alienation of his personal prediction capacities ... otherwise, he would be in real danger of 'losing the plot'. As yet, computers do not have the qualities of intuition, feel and inspiration which are essential to prediction. Data, which may be enigmatic to a computer, may be pregnant with meaning to a human mind.

By virtue of their transfinity, the qualitative aspects of life enable us to access the future.

Finite aspects are tense-bound in past and present ... but transfinite aspects are free of all time constraints.

Every finite thing is transfinite as to its mainset: Every finite thing is essentially transfinite.

Every thing, finite and infinite, is qualitative.

The qualitative aspects of existence bridge perception from finity to transfinity.

The qualitative aspects of existence are essentially transfinite: These aspects are at the periphery of finity ... where and whence finity merges with infinity.

The qualitative aspects of finite things are the proofs of their essential transfinity.

The reasonings, of formal finite logic, have no legitimacy or relevance with regard to transfinity and transfinite experience.

When dealing with the transfinite and qualitative aspects of existence, formal finite logic has no legitimate relevance or application.

As all existence is essentially transfinite, the future is essentially transfinite.

Reasoning, based on formal logic, is always questionable when applied to transfinite experience and concepts.

As the processes of formal logic are not adequate to transfinity and as the future is essentially transfinite, the processes of formal finite logic are not adequate to the prediction of the future.

No matter how logical a prediction may seem to be, it cannot be highly probable as to accuracy solely by reason of its logicality.

It may be thought that, if all forces in action were to be identified and quantified, the future might be revealed as summation or resultant ... but, as the forces in action are essentially transfinite, they elude comprehensive quantification.

It is a subtle truth that transfinity may be accessed via finity ... that is, via the transfinite aspects of finity.

Finite data may be used as attractors to transfinite phenomena and to transfinite insights.

When the mind is presented with finite data, as attractors to transfinite phenomena, it should disengage from intellectual processes of formal logic and allow the finite data to work itself out in a completely unconstrained milieu, where insight feel mulling-over intuition and inspiration come into play in a process of non-logical gestation.

As this propositional network contains both finite and transfinite propositions, and as finite propositions are essentially transfinite, it may be said that this propositional network is essentially transfinite.

The linkage and relationships, between propositions of this network, are not only finite but also transfinite. The transfinity (and hence integrality) of this network is its most important characteristic.

The term 'vector', as used here, has both finite and transfinite connotations. 'Vectors' on the future include not only assessments of direction and force bearing on the future but any concept or clue which may directly or indirectly reveal the future. The term 'vector' refers here to any kind of navigational fix on the future.

What should happen is a matter of opinion but what will happen is a matter of absolute imperative.

The failure to recognise the nature and importance of transfinity may be one of the reasons for the poor performance of predictors to date. Undoubtedly, the use of finite data, as attractors of transfinite insights, has not been fully explored in the past. The development, of dissimilar navigational cross-checking vectors on the future, is a methodological ploy which has probably been underused. Also, the side-by-side development of macro and micro approaches, in the one model, has probably been underdone. Generally, the methodology of prediction has been starved of attention.

All action may be perceived as either automatic or as consciously directed. Automatic action derives from codes, and may switch arbitrarily between alternative interpretations or outcomes of codes. Consciously directed action sets up its own codes, to the complete or partial preemption of pre-existing automatic action codes. (See also proposition 8954).

The degree of enmassment, of a system's energy, is the degree of the system's lack of self-knowledge: The degree of a system's energy-release is the degree of the system's self-knowledge.

The degree of a system's energy-release is the degree of its quality release.

To release energy is to express energy.

To release quality is to express quality.

The degree to which a system expresses quality is the degree of its self-knowledge.

Every increase of self-knowledge is accompanied by an increase of expressed quality.

A person of great expressed quality is a person of great self-knowledge.

Transfinite processes are self-sustaining and self-renewing.

If there is a pause in the growth of this propositional network (for instance, during the making of predictions), its growth quickens thereafter.

One's faith is linked to and supported by all one's friends.

Friendship is a community or host of faith.

To have absolute faith is to think and do absolutely ... that is, to think and do with and for the Absolute.

Absolute faith is not faith in a part, as a part, but faith in the Absolute, as the part.

Absolute faith is not faith in an individual, as an individual, but faith in the Absolute, as the individual.

Dichotomisation is a perceptual artifice by which identifiable finite attributes are abstracted from an existence which is essentially transfinite (and, thence, singular).

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