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Network Propositions
8800 - 8999

In prediction science we look for predictively meaningful concatenations of events.

Facts are enigmatic: It is we who give meaning and value to facts.

As meaning and value are always debatable, the meaning and value of facts are always debatable.

When we are vectoring on the future, we are vectoring primarily with meanings and values.

When we are vectoring on the future, we are vectoring for the essential species' meanings and values of the future.

Facts are imputed or ascribed: They are not substantive or self-sustaining. It is the species which imputes and ascribes: It is the species which is substantive and self-sustaining. When we are vectoring on the future, we are vectoring on the nature of the species: We are making notations of 'footprints' and future 'footprints' of the species.

The future is predictable by reason of the absoluteness of existence. It is only by understanding the absoluteness of existence that we can understand the future. (Note: As to the Absolute and absoluteness, see propositions 1-9).

Most people find it difficult to understand that existence is absolute. They have been taught that 1+1=2 and they do not comprehend that 1=infinity and that 1+1=infinity, as well as 2 ... and that, which seems only finite, is also infinite. There are plenty of clues about us which spell this out, but most fail to perceive their import. All qualities (courage, love, beauty, etc) are unenumerable and infinite: The quality of perception itself is infinite. Intellectually, by fixation on Aristotelian logic, people foresake the infinitely real for the infinitely lesser finitely real.

The 1=infinity view is the integrative view of the one absolute God, which is wholly in each and every thing: It is a one God view. The 1+1=2 view is a disintegrative view, of separate things and many gods. The 1=infinity view is the view that all is the one God, and it is the view of the First Commandment.

Is it wrong to use 1+1=2 finite thinking? ... no!, but 1=infinity absolute thinking should always take precedence. The absolute logic, of 1=infinity thinking, is of an infinitely higher order than that of the finite logic of 1+1=2 thinking. Finite logic is the logic of divisiveness, separateness, ignobility, possessiveness, selfishness, meanness, bestiality, aggression, hate and violence ... whereas absolute logic is of divine oneness ... it is the logic of Heaven.

Absolute logic accords with absolute thinking and absolute behaviour, such as:

Spiritually, actions are far more important than verbals.

Every thing we perceive is a product of our mind-genes: Time, space, sensations ... all is of our mind-genes. There are no facts outside of, or separate from, our mind-genes.

In the void, there is no time nor space nor mass nor energy nor intelligence nor potential ... there is no anything ... nothing at all.

Existence (the universe) is a creature, and there is no thing apart from it or separate from it.

Everything is of genes and is genetic, including perception and thought. Everything in the environment is perceived genetically and is genetic. We are genetically programmed to see what we see. Light, energy, mass, qualities ... everything we know is a function of, and integral with, our genes.

Our species is becoming progressively aware of itself. Our species is Absolute ... that is, our species is God. God is becoming progressively aware of Itself.

We may think of God as finding out more about Itself, as it creates of Itself.

Existence is progressive self-creation, of and by our species.

When we respect God, we respect ourselves. When we are disrespectful of God, we are disrespectful of ourselves. When we put God down, we put ourselves down.

God's awareness is the awareness of the species: God is the species. God is wholly in every aspect and part of the species.

God's persona is the persona of the whole, which is also the persona of each and every individual, and of each and every part.

The creature, which is existence, is expansive by procreation and discovery and creative expression.

Time and space are functions of expansion: No expansion means no time and no space.

We not only interpret facts genetically but the facts themselves are genetic: Facts are genetically created.

Everything in the universe is genetically derived and genetically perceived and genetically understood. All actions in the universe are genetic. Everything is the species and of the species, and the species is genetic.

The species is perfect, in relation to itself ... and there is nothing else to compare it with.

The mental aspect of our genes is the most impressionable, flexible, adaptable and changeable aspect ... and the most creative and powerful aspect.

Our awareness of the numinous is our awareness of the quintessence of our species, is our awareness of the Holy Ghost, is our awareness of the presence of God, is the awareness of the awe and wonder of our species.

Each one of us is unique, as of design ... and it is by our unique personal attributes that we can best assist society as a whole. We should be law-abiding but we should not seek to copy others, for each of us is purposefully different. And we should not try to act as others think we are going to act ... nor should we try to live according to the ideas which others have of what and who we are. No one else knows you as well as you know yourself: Your inner self is not accessible to others. You should behave as you know yourself to be, and not as others think you are. Live true to your own self and you will feel a welling up of strength within you ... and you will reach with your roots the nourishment which is for you alone.

As every positive force evokes a negative force, so every act of order evokes disorder.

The creative intelligence is a transfinite quality and an agency of transfinity.

The sixth hypothesis of applied intelligence is as follows: 'Applied intelligence progressively becomes more and more intuitive and less and less dependent upon processes of reasoning'. (For other hypotheses, see propositions 1000 - 1004).

The seventh hypothesis of applied intelligence is as follows: 'Applied intelligence becomes entirely intuitive when the species metamorphoses from physical to transfinite expression'. (For other hypotheses, see propositions 1000 - 1004 and 8832).

When we use processes of logical reasoning to describe and interact with our environment, we prejudge and presume the adequacy of these processes to the truth. It is possible that intuition, instinct, insight, and common sense may access the truth.

Clarity is a function of understanding: Nothing is clear unless it is understood. That which is clear to a society is commonly understood by that society. That which is clearly understood by a minority may not be clear or understood by the majority.

Readers of this network should not assume that my propositions (marked by a dot in the left margin) are meant to be incontrovertibly consistent with each other. (Note: See propositions 1227 - 1277).

It is not possible to impose ideas on others by force, nor is it possible to order or control the ideas of a society by force.

No facts (other than tautologies) can be absolutely proven.

Facts are provisionally real and provisionally true ... but our certainties are absolutely real and absolutely true.

When we increase our certainties, we increase our truths and our realities.

Entropy diminishes our factual realities ... but creative imagination augments our fictional realities. But, as factual realities are provisional, we may easily replace them with fictional realities. That, of which we are most certain, is the most real to us. Reality is a function of certainty.

The things which most assist us to survive, are the most certain to us: They are our class-one realities.

Our physical evolution has taken ordered complexity beyond the point of negentropic criticality.

The critically unstable condition of negentropy, of our pre-1945 physical species, was one of explosively high entropic potential ... and the nuclear advent was the beginning of an enormous 'flood-gate' release of tension, and of immediate transition to physical self-destruct mode.

The transition from confused complexity to clear simplicity is cathartic, and involves a pleasurable release of tension.

It is pleasurable to gain clear understanding ... and usually it is achieved with a quantum-like leap of comprehension.

As we are biologically over-tense, humour is valuable as an effective means of tension-release ... and valuable also by reason of its social acceptability and sharing.

Awareness is the breath, food and drink of eternal life.

That which is aware is alive: Every thing is aware: Every thing is alive.

It becomes progressively more costly to maintain all forms of social cohesion, such as the institutions and functions of law and law enforcement.

All ideas are transfinite, and all viewpoints are of singularity.

A living species is of singularity and creates its own environment of singularity ... that is, of its own self.

A living species creates its own energy, as it creates its own environment: Its energy and environment are of its own self.

As our energy comes from the sun, we are integral with the sun: We are a sun-species.

When we say that our species is one with its environment, we mean that it is one with all which it perceives. As to the physical environment, our species is one with the entire physical universe.

Our species is of singularity, and creates itself of singularity: Our species is comprehensive of all creation: Our species is Absolute.

Everything, which has developed and which is perceivable, is our species and of our species: All creation, that is the entire universe, is our species.

It is misleading to refer to early life-forms as of lesser importance or value than later life-forms: Is a seed of lesser importance or value than the mature plant?

Our species, being Absolute, is wholly in each created being and wholly in each and every phase of evolution.

As we are a living absolute species, all things are imbued with life: Every thing, everywhere, is alive: The universe, and all its denizens and component parts are alive.

All monads, and all monadic viewpoints and creations, are of singularity. A creation by one monad is a creation by all monads. The first monad to see-create a star, sees and creates it for all monads.

Prediction is a prehensive exercise and predictors need to be prehensively sensitive.

Predictors must be open-minded and free from bias.

Predictors must be self-sufficient and unconcerned about the antagonism which they are likely to encounter.

The species is a creature which creates itself and its own future. A predictor, who knows the nature of the species, has a pretty good idea of the future which the species will create of itself. It is the task and m6tier of the prediction scientist to know and empathise with the species.

The calling of prediction and prophecy has always been a solitary one. A predictor ventures into the future on his own, as a lone hunter enters a wilderness. He must have no company and no distractions whatsoever. He communes with and becomes part of the wilderness, until it becomes a known and friendly place ... and no longer a wilderness.

This process, of becoming one with the wilderness of the future, is far more difficult for a group than for a single person. Whereas a single person goes in as an openly valenced 'atom', a group goes in as a closely valenced 'molecule'. A single person is more easily accepted and absorbed into the future. This is an important point.

If predictors are to be trained, they should be trained to work as individuals, rather than as groups.

In a similar way to how a photographer adjusts his lenses, and other equipment, in order to obtain the clearest image, so a predictor 'fiddles around' to obtain the clearest image possible of the future. There is a lot of craftman's skill involved in this.

Predictions have a kind of gestative period, in that a prediction needs to be sat on like an egg before being hatched as a published item. After it has first come to mind, the predictor needs to dwell on it and meditate on it before announcing it. During this gestative period, the idea develops and matures and gains full reality.

As the work progresses on this propositional network, the author is involved in a learning process ... and some of the later propositions represent an improvement on some of the earlier propositions. However, the author finds it helpful to re-read the network, as it developed ... and other readers may also find this to be so. Accordingly, the author has left most propositions unchanged. This is one of the reasons why the network should be read and understood as a whole.

All ideas and concepts are transfinite. Viewpoints are transfinite and their separateness is transfinite. Physical brains are separate in time-space, but ideas and viewpoints are not. It is because all viewpoints are transfinite that the speed of light is constant from all viewpoints.

As individual viewpoints are transfinite and transfinitely separate, individual consciousness exists transfinitely.

Intuitive awareness does act depend upon logical reasoning: Intuitive knowing is immediate, non-reasoned knowing. The individual awareness, which continues transfinitely after physical death, is wholly intuitive.

An individual's viewpoint is a classic example of transfinite expression. From its absolute infinite singularity, an individual viewpoint devolves, differentially and transfinitely, to its unique status.

As it is with an individual's viewpoint, so it is with every phenomenon, for all things finite are subsets of the absolute and infinite mainset ... and everything finite is infinite by transfinite integration.

In order to understand the species absolute mainset, it is helpful to gain empathic understanding of many of its diverse subset viewpoints.

The more one thinks transfinitely, the more one acts transfinitely.

The more one is sensitive to the transfinity of oneself, the more one is sensitive to the transfinity of others.

As one thinks and acts transfinitely, one's ego consciousness keys-in to the species ego consciousness.

When we are aware of the meaning of a thing, we are feeding on the quality of that thing: Meaning is the taste, flavour and content of quality.

As we are aware of the meaning of love, we are feeding on the quality of love; as we are aware of the meaning of justice, we are feeding on the quality of justice; as we are aware of the meaning of nobility, we are feeding on the quality of nobility.

The expressions of the Absolute are its explication: Expression equates explication.

Complete freedom for a few, means tyranny for many' is true of physical activity, but it is not true of mental and spiritual activity. The powerful desire for freedom, of the enslaved, oppressed and under-privileged, is a major component of the force towards metamorphosis.

Every thing finite is absolutely eternal and absolutely infinite: Every thing finite is absolutely transfinite. The Absolute, which is the whole and wholly in each part, is the mainset to its less comprehensive subsets. Every thing subset is absolutely mainset. Our species is absolutely mainset. Finity obtrudes upon our awareness, but we are essentially a mainset species ... that is, an absolute species.

Some people say there is no magic. Of course there is! The flower, the bee and all you can see, is sheer magic. God is the great magician, and we are His apprentices.

If one builds one's life on facts, one builds on the shifting sands of provisional truth ... but, if one builds one's life on faith, one builds on absolute truth. Faith is the intuitive certainty of our species: Faith says 'here we are, and this is what we are'. Faith is simple, powerful and unequivocal; it is our common heritage; we are a faith-species.

Be comforted in your loneliness, for it can be a source of great strength. Remember that God Himself is alone in the void ... and you help to share His burden of loneliness.

Heaven is a free gift to us, but we have the power to make hell.

The lunar space programme was as spiritual as the building of a great cathedral. The moon landing was an episode of spiritual exultation for the entire human species ... and now we are left with an unconscious and unsatisfied longing to be uplifted again with a like experience.

An inflow of communications is an inflow of quality from the environment. A communicator is a distributor of quality. A communicator receives or extracts quality from the environment, and makes it available to receivers. When people pay money for news, they pay money for the quality made available to them.

More and more people will become alienated from nuclear governments: They will see them as essentially fascist ... for power is in the hands of the few. Nucleocracy is seen as a major threat to peoples' democracy.

Recent studies suggest that the mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet is probably not diminishing and may be building up.

Sea-level curves differ according to their location and relative proximity to ice sheets.

The most common set of sea-level curves shows a rapid rise of about 1 metre per century between 10,000 and 6,000 years BP, followed by a much more gradual rise from 6,000 years ago until now. Over the past 100 years the rise has been approximately 10 to 15 centimetres. A part of this latter rise is due to the thermal expansion of sea water.

Following the volcanic eruptions of Hekla (Iceland) and Serua (Indonesia) in 1693, and of Aboina (Indonesia) in 1694, the weather in Europe in 1695 was outstandingly severe. Famines were recorded in Finland, Estonia, Norway and Scotland.

Wet autumns affect wheat production; wet summers reduce yields of hay, potatoes and grain. Frosts in late November (late May in the northern hemisphere) are a threat to growing crops. Frosts, at harvest time, are particularly hard on corn crops.

Analysis of the material flow-load of the NZ Shotover river (1977) shows 40% from slope erosion, 20% from bank erosion, and 20% from bed degradation.

Urban landscape modification has resulted in a substantial increase of land instability (actual and potential).

Over 75% of the energy released by global quakes, 1904 - 1952, was concentrated near mountain ranges of the Pacific 'rim of fire'.

Results of natural disasters 1900 - 1976 (UN statistics): (Figures in millions)

Killed Injured or Homeless
Earthquakes 2.7 28.9
Volcanic eruptions .1 .3
Floods 1.3 175.2
Landslides & avalanches - .1
Cyclones .4 17.6
Hurricanes - 1.2
Typhoons - 5.4
Storms - 3.4
Tornadoes - .3
TOTAL 4.5 232.4

The overwhelming mass of water moves through its cycles chemically unchanged.

Only one millionth part of Earth's total water is contained within plant and animal populations.

As photosynthesis appears to represent a localised reversal of the law of entropy, the question arises as to whether it constitutes a barrier which tenses and frustrates entropy, resulting in eventual explosive releases of energy. Indeed, a similar question may be asked concerning the whole process of organic evolution. Negentropic processes may be viewed as episodic tensings which subserve rather than subvert the long-term entropic randomisation of energy.

Only one photon, out of a fairly large number absorbed by a canopy leaf, is effective in photosynthesis: The energy of most of the photons powers the transpiration pump action of the plant.

The amount of water actually bound chemically into the plant structure may be less than 1% of the total amount of water which has entered the plant structure during its growth: Most of this water transpires through the leaves. The rate of plant growth is strongly dependent upon the rate of water transit through the plant. The solar energy used to effect transpiration may be up to 40 times greater than the solar energy fixed by photosynthesis.

Stomatally, plants breathe out water vapour and breathe in carbon dioxide. The rate of photosynthesis depends on solar irradiance and an adequate supply of water to the plant roots. The presence of root-water, irradiance and carbon dioxide governs the degree of stomatal opening, and pump operating efficiency.

During the critical month of ripening, grain requires the equivalent of twelve inches of rain ... and, of course, this may be supplied by rain, irrigation, or in situ rootwaters.

Concerning methane, hydrogen, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide (gases produced principally by biological processes), the atmospheric mixing and residence data indicates that efficient sinks must exist for these four gases. The sink for hydrogen is probably autotrophic aerobic soil bacteria, which oxidise hydrogen. As to methane, over 100 species of methane-using bacteria have been identified. The stratosphere is an efficient sink for carbon monoxide. As to nitrous oxide, over 90% is reabsorbed into soils microbiologically (as an electron acceptor for oxidation by denitrifying species). Importantly, biospherically produced hydrogen does not escape from the atmosphere. Measurements of the hydrogen mixing ratios, up to 50km altitude, are remarkably constant.

Anaerobically decaying organic materials produce hydrogen as the most important primary product, plus carbon dioxide of course. This hydrogen is used by micro-organisms to produce methane and hydrogen sulphide. Nitrous oxide and nitrogen are other products of anaerobic action. Methane is the major product of the hydrogen evolution process.

It is noteworthy that ocean waters do not constitute a sink for hydrogen.

Very little hydrogen dissociates from water ... and hydrogen, produced by organic processes, is reabsorbed by organic processes. Very little of Earth's hydrogen escapes into space.

The free oxygen of our atmosphere has been generated by biological processes. Photosynthetically-produced oxygen enters the atmospheric resevoir via the dissociation of water molecules.

It is noteworthy that there is no free oxygen present in volcanic outgassings.

As approximately 250 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide is dissolved or precipitated into oceans annually from atmosphere, it is probable that some proportion of this is converted to sulphurous aerosols which rise and add to the stratospheric deinsolation layer. (Note: As the stratospheric deinsolation layer is known to contain salt-water aerosols as one of its constituents, we may assume that ocean-spray aerosols can carry up to stratospheric altitudes ... and we may assume that a small proportion of these aerosols are mildly sulphurous.)

Analysis of the stratospheric deinsolation layer (of midlatitudes) indicates that the highest concentration of sulphurous aerosols is at 17-24 kilometres altitude.

We know that volcanic emissions can add sulphurous aerosols to the stratospheric deinsolation layer (see proposition 3348) ... and we must now contemplate the possibility that some of the sulphur released by burning of fossil fuels may be adding to the stratospheric deinsolation layer.

Water is generated chemically in the upper atmosphere, largely through the agency of methane production at the Earth's surface and its subsequent diffusion upwards through the tropopause. The water vapour content of the stratosphere, and above, is unrelated to the general water cycle. The tropopause inhibits any significant transfer of water vapour from tropopause to stratosphere. (Note: Aqueous aerosols of the stratospheric deinsolation layer are an exception to this).

Language is heavily metaphoric, in that it is much involved in describing one thing in terms of other things.

Metaphors involve the crossings-over of images.

Metaphors are strongly imaginative. How does one describe to another something unknown to that other? ... why, by recourse to one's imagination.

As existence is an absolute, language ultimately describes things in terms of themselves.

It is extremely difficult, and perhaps impossible, to programme computers/robots with metaphoric capability.

One often finds that the best thing in a shop is the least expensive ... for instance, a warm and sincere smile from a salesperson. Like water, fresh-air and sunshine, the best things are usually very easy on the pocket. In spite of the enormous certainty which economists have as to the nature of value, I find it to be enigmatic in a remarkable degree.

Values, for the most part, are very personal, and they often differ from the general market concept of values.

If one compares one's own list of values with society's list of values, one finds that many good buys are available.

When the Reserve Bank sells Treasury bills to the trading banks, the bill/cash ratio of the trading banks is altered ... and they then have less cash to lend to their clients. The sale by the Reserve Bank of Treasury bills is effective in the restriction of credit, but it is an expensive exercise when high interest rates are involved. Accordingly, when high interest rates prevail, the Reserve Bank will be reluctant to sell Treasury bills.

If, when seeking to tighten credit, the Reserve Bank sells some of its holdings of Government stock, such sales (during a period of rising interest rates) will probably reduce the market price of the stocks concerned, and will probably involve the Reserve Bank in losses.

11 the Reserve Bank seeks to tighten credit, via the sale of Treasury bills or Government stock, it will usually incur losses. Consequently, the Reserve Bank will try to avoid such sales.

The hardest aspect of credit for the Reserve Bank to control is velocity of circulation. During a period of inflationary pressure, the Reserve Bank can take measures to reduce the amount of bank credit and currency in circulation. However, if the general propensity/ability to spend is high, currency and credit will circulate at greater velocity. When business confidence and activity is high, the credit extended by business houses to each other increases, and consumers purchase more on extended payment terms.

Points in favour of the farming of pinus radiata, in New Zealand, include:

World demand for scientifically produced timber will continue to increase. The export potential of controlled pinus radiata production is excellent. New Zealand has excellent climatic conditions, land availability, scientific and technological skills ... combined with marketing, management and research/development skills ... and good profitability and investment characteristics.

All things are equal via transfinity: Transfinity is the universal equaliser.

'There is always a ploy': That is, there is always an answer to every problem. We may not yet know the answer but it is available if we can but find it, or contrive it.

The universe appears to be economical, simple, and elegantly graceful (see proposition 5256). These qualities are of our species ... and we express them in void.

Nuclear particles are vehicles of potential energy, which time-space jet in void. Time runs forward for the particles and backwards for their jet-streamed anti-particles. (See also proposition 5261).

In each and every activity and sensation of a species, the species itself is a catalyst. (See also proposition 5272).

Past-future symmetry and source-absorber symmetry are functions of catalytic perception. (See also proposition 5276).

Present and past are jet-streams of the future.

The present and past are the footprints of the future.

The present and past are reactive of the future.

We can dwell and act as future beings, in the future ... and we can do this now.

Our transfinity is our futurity.

What is the self, and how extensive and intensive is the self? As our essential self is transfinite, the only limits of self are those which are self-imposed.

If we see something, we assume that it is outside of ourselves ... but we are now realising that this may be an unwarranted assumption.

The nuclear physical-destruction capability of the species will continue to escalate by reason of its own momentum ... rationales of defensive, economic and other benefits notwithstanding. Politicians and power-brokers may convince themselves that they have a controlling influence over nuclear developments but they will be mistaken.

The proposition, 'existence is an absolute living being' has, inter alia, the following implications:

As the powers of the human brain derive largely from its capacities of interconnectivity, this propositional network at once seeks to extend its interconnectivity and powers.

Chemistry enforms and controls energy.

As brains have cells and synaptic gaps between cells and communications across gaps, so societies have individuals and gaps between individuals and communications across gaps.

Communicators are 'synaptic firing' agencies.

Analogies invariably become falsified by extension.

The re-reading and studying, of this propositional network, results (inter alia) in:

It may be argued that there can be only one outcome or resultant from summation of all forces in action. It may also be argued that innumerable alternative scenarios or paths are available as courses of action to achieve particular ends. All things perceivable are not only differentiated but integrated on singularity via transfinity. Differentiation implies inevitability, but singularity and transfinity imply evitability.

The greater the number and complexity of initiating equations within a set, the greater the number and complexity of outcomes which may be derived from the set ... and outcomes may switch arbitrarily from various alternative combinations of constituent equations.

Information is an essential nutrient of the intellect.

Information not only closely resembles energy, it is a function of energy. As the species accesses and uses more energy, it accesses and uses more information.

Information is a qualitative aspect of energy.

As intelligence releases energy, it releases information.

Intelligence feeds on information.

Intelligence needs to release energy from mass in order to gain its information-food.

Intelligence has no option but to be a very efficient entropic agency: It feeds on energy, as a grub feeds on leaves.

Intelligence releases energy peremptorily, with the conscienceless avidity of a gross feeder.

Information-use is a function of information received, intellectual capability, interest and initiative-drive. A feedback system operates, in that greater information-use fortifies and extends the neural and dendritic system of the brain ... which increases intellectual capability and increases the intake of information ... and the greater appetite for information is accompanied by greater interest and initiative-drive.

The neural dendritic system is like the root system of the brain-plant: It becomes more extensive and intensive as the plant grows.

Control linkage between brain and immune systems may be a means by which a species adjusts its population numbers (see propositions 5486 and 5581).

Useful aspects of our network methodology include (inter alia): Instrumentalism; holism; interconnectivity; implicativity; overview; multiparadigmatics; cross-fertilisation of ideas; navigational vectoring; transfinite thinking; 'close enough' accuracy; and the 901t probability criterion. Operator personality traits include enthusiasm, boldness, integrity, drive, interest, stickativity, resourcefulness, creativity, intelligence, thoughtfulness and carefulness.

That which is other than known materiality is classed as void. The concept of void arises from a material viewpoint.

From a material point of view, the void exists ... but, from a spiritual point of view, there is no consciousness of any void.

When we communicate openly with another person, to some extent we tend to accept ...

Communication tends to change viewpoints or, at least, the valencies of viewpoints.

The object is a reflection of the subject. Perceivers are subjects, and the perceived are objects. The environment is at once the object and reflection of the subject perceiver.

Our fallacious forays are aspects of our feeling and groping. Logicians may deplore them, but biologists and psychologists may see their value.

It is not logical to assume that what one perceives as facts are incontrovertible realities. When one states what he pleases to call the facts, he states his own perception of reality ... which may not be shared by others.

Accurate predictions, as to a future time, concentrate the qualitative content of the event-flows from the present to that future time: Accurate predictions are qualitatively concentrated.

To the extent that we are aware of our quality, we are aware of the Absolute: To the extent that we are aware of the Absolute, we live in heaven.

Christ said that if any one keeps His word, he will never see death.

If one casts off his physical outer self, like rejecting a shell which has outlived its usefulness, one doesn't see death.

Only those, who identify self with their outer physical body, see death.

Materiality is alienated spirituality.

Like an over-inflated balloon, materialism is close to bursting point ... and, when it bursts, what remains is spirituality.

As prediction is an essentially transfinite exercise, this propositional network includes a large number of propositions which have been posited from a transfinite viewpoint (see also proposition 5989).

All propositions are directly or indirectly judgemental: They are descriptive or opined evaluations of aspects of existence.

The paradox of paradox is that finity is absolutely infinite ... for all things finite are subsets of the infinite and absolute mainset.

In the interests of clarity, key concepts are often variously and differently stated ... even sometimes at the ris1c of appearing to be repetitive. Also, as unusual concepts are often not fully understood initially, some repetition is needful to many readers.

Have you experienced the primaeval id welling up within you? All of us have experienced it. It is the essential, evolutionary life-force of our species ... and it is most compelling evidence of the oneness of life. It is an awesome, raw, infinite power.

The evolutionary advent of ethical behaviour is symptomatic of the metamorphosis from physical life to spiritual life.

As our species is absolute and eternal, so its memory is absolute and eternal.

Our species has perfect memory of its past, present and future.

Each member of the species has access to the perfect memory of the species.

As partly self-realised individuals, we only remember what we are ready to remember.

It is important to realise that we each have subconscious and intuitive access to the perfect memory of the species, including perfect memory of the future. From the accessed memory, we derive hope, faith and courage (see also propositions 6267-6273).

It is the particular task of a predictor to access, and report on, the species memory of the future.

Societal justice is judgemental ... and, as society becomes less judgemental, the function of justice loses societal support, respect and credibility. The question, 'was he guilty or not?', becomes replaced with, 'was he caught or not?' ... or, 'did he win or lose the case?'. Justice is losing its mana and becoming a cynical game.

As of October 1995, I estimate reader and listener numbers as follows:

As of October 1995, I estimate the disposition and interest of readers and listeners as follows:

Evg. Post Readers Nat. Radio Listeners
Those disposed to accept my predictions. 40% 60%
Those who are mildly but positively interested. 20% 20%
Those who are disinterested. 20% -
Those disposed to reject my predictions. 20% 20%

As of October 1995, I estimate that 128,000 listeners and readers are disposed to accept my predictions, and that a further 44,000 listeners and readers are mildly but positively interested ... a total of 172,000.

The future is a time-void, and our species can make of it what it wants. Prediction science is concerned with predicting what our species will want. (See also proposition 6549).

The prediction scientist seeks to ascertain the characteristics and imperatives of the species, as indications of the wants and will of the species. (See also proposition 6556).

Predictions are themselves qualitative, and prediction scientists need to give much attention to optimising the quality of presentation. The reference here is not to ostentation and marketing per se, but to intrinsic quality.

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