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Network Propositions
5000 - 5024

The Absolute Covenant is ... I shall be always wholly of and within you, as I am also wholly within all other beings and things. I am one and I am all that is and there is no thing whatsoever which I am not. I shall see through your eyes and hear by your ears and all your abilities and powers shall be mine. Your desires, goals, pleasures and tribulations shall be mine: Your rewards and penalties shall be mine ... for by this covenant we shall share all burdens and joys as one ... absolutely. I shall be wholly one with you and you shall be wholly one with me. I shall never separate from you nor you from me: I shall never desert you and I shall be with you always.

The one supreme proposition is the first commandment ... 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me.' We are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our soul and with all our heart and with all our mind ... and to love Him with all our might. All other commandments are subsets to the mainset of the first commandment ... which is the law of the Absolute God.

Truth is the seeing and obedience of the first commandment: It is perfect empathy and oneness with God, the Absolute.

We are eternal, transfinite beings: We make, use and discard our bodies, like sets of clothes. We are making our New Jerusalem transfinitely, not physically. The quantitative, material world is the world of the 'fall'. Our new world is a transfinite world: Only that, which remains of the 'fall', is finite. All of the world which is loving, compassionate, caring, beautiful, just, fair, honest, harmonious and tranquil is the New Jerusalem.

A citizen of the New Jerusalem sees the present world as heaven, and to him or her it is heaven. A truly good person sees all as good: A truly evil person sees all as evil. Our world mirrors our inner state.

And now the 'fall' aspect is dispersing into chaos, and the New Jerusalem i5 becoming more and more real ... more qualitative and less material. And those, who relied upon material things, find that it slips within their fingers like sand, and they can no longer grasp it.

The physical world of the 'fall' is rapidly self destructing, and the New Jerusalem is building and shining and opening wide its gates.

First, we sculpt our creations solid, so that we can feel and shape the clay: With molecules and cells we fashion them. Then, we make them move and change ... and decide what we like best ... and then we dispense with the clay and keep the good images ... and these yet move and live and breathe ... and are no longer solid, but light and freer than air ... and more real.

When we speak of existence as the Absolute, we are not merely saying that everything is everything. The Absolute is:

We are what we realise ourselves to be.

The Absolute in void is a cohesive Absolute in void.

We must have order', is an imperative of the Absolute.

We need cohesiveness more than anything else: It is basic and quintessential to our very being.

To make is to cohere.

We naturally try to make (cohere) something ... all the time, and at every place.

We try to make (cohere) sense of everything.

In my prediction work, I try to make (cohere) pictures or maps of the future.

The authority of reason stems from our essential cohesiveness: We tend to cohere everything we think and everything we think about.

Reason is cohered thinking ... that is, cohesive and ordered thinking.

When we, who must have order, see greater and greater disorder about us, we tend to become fearful: But the order is being withdrawn by us from our environment into ourselves: We are interiorising order: As we become more self-aware, we interiorise more and more order.

The more self-aware a monad becomes, the more cohesive it becomes ... that is, the more qualities (of the Absolute) it attracts and coheres to itself.

When energy is released from mass, its quality is attracted to quality awareness centres, namely monads.

Mass exercises gravitational attraction: Monads exercise qualitative attraction.

Cohered energy attracts energy: Cohered quality attracts quality.

Monads are centres of cohered quality and, the more qualitative they are, the more quality they attract.

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