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Network Propositions
3600 - 3699

The pursuit of knowledge is not a cosy, chummy, collective affair: It is a long, drawn-out struggle of a monad with other monads and, then, most importantly, with itself.

The gains of self-awareness have very little to do with the approbation and plaudits of society ... they come with the influx of, and oneness with, all the qualities of the Absolute. The gains of knowledge are the gains of self-realisation.

There has been a tendency for humans to perceive themselves as pawns in the game of life. Individuals have noted their physical smallness, relative to the physical greatness of the universe, and have falsely concluded that they are insignificant pawns, mentally and spiritually: Such is not the case.

Formal logic assumes that all is finite and that all mental processes are finite. These assumptions are unwarranted and incorrect. Existence is an Absolute which is essentially transfinite: Finity is simply a subset of transfinity.

Each of us is a monad, a transfinite and sovereign being. The only limitations we have are those which we impose upon ourselves. Each one of us has unlimited potential and unlimited means. The great challenge before us is to recognise our powers and to use them: This requires self-realisation, courage, boldness and will.

When a monad recognises that it is a unique, sovereign, omnipotent being, it moves away from the general flock and moves away on its own. From now on, individualism will emerge as being of far greater importance than collectivism. From now on, individuals will grow in stature and societies will decline in stature ... and cohesion will gather about and move into individuals, rather than into societies.

We will change from old mind-sets to new mind-sets, and the change will be revolutionary. The old customs of stereotyped education, jobs, professions, marriage, fixed abode, pigeon-holed religion and stereotyped behaviour, will give place to individual freedoms of behaviour and expression. The constrictions, of customs, rules and regulations, will fall away like shackles from the ankles of slaves.

The centre of individual ego-awareness will shift from finity to transfinity, and we will realise that we are, in fact, sovereign beings.

As each individual monad builds its universe, it takes its quality from the old universe: It takes its building-blocks from the old universe ... and, as the new universes gain in cohesion, the old universe loses its cohesion. As the new universes are being created, increasing chaos comes to the old.

It is we, individuals, who decide where cohesion is to be: It is we who will decide where it is to be in the future. We want things to change and, as we are sovereign beings, they will change. Change is not being forced on us: It is we, ourselves, who are causing the changes to take place.

Our desire for change springs from the new child within us, and the natural desire to give it birth. The new child within us is the child of God ... the transfinite and sovereign being.

This new-born child within us will have no truck with old constraints or with old conventional wisdoms: It is a child of Heaven ... which is in Heaven and which remains in Heaven ... and, as it grows within us, we will feel our old body dropping away like an old, worn-out garment.

As the child grows within us, it will take over all our old thinking and all our old behaviour. Its eyes will be of Heaven and its eyes will see all as Heaven ... and all, which we saw as old, it will see as new: And the child will only have to express a wish and it will be done.

There will be no need to follow false prophets or for us to doubt which leader to follow. The child will grow within us, just as naturally as a physical child ... but this will be a spiritual child.

The spiritual child, the child of Heaven, knows its ways and, as it grows within us, we will see with the vision of Heaven and we will grow ever surer and ever more certain of our heritage and our destiny.

It is the child within us which shall lead us, naturally and free from guile.

As we love the child, we shall trust the child and we shall follow the child.

And the child shall be wholly of us and not a stranger but our own real inner self, which we have not known before, but which now comes into its own.

How shall we nurture this child within us? How shall we feed it and give it drink? We shall feed it with love, for as we love and care for others, we love and care for the child within ... and, by our faith, it shall drink the milk of Heaven.

And who shall care for us, while we care for others? The child within us, shall care for us.

The care and love, which we have for the child within, and for ourselves, and for others, is one and indivisible.

There is no conflict in the transfinite, except that which we impose upon it. Conflict is about space, possessions and food but, in the transfinite, these things are infinite. Those who feel a need for conflict, will make their own conditions for conflict. Events always depend on the needs and will of sovereign monads ... and, each of us, is a sovereign monad.

Heaven is a free gift to us, but we have the power to make hells.

It is very important that we choose carefully, those we associate with. Whether they be friend or enemy, they will be the ones we associate with in the transfinite life.

Do not be afraid to take the lead. You may sometimes feel alone but, always, there will be others with you. Each human monad is surrounded by less evolved monads and, among them, myriads of elementals. Even when you believe yourself to be alone, you have countless friends who depend on you utterly, and would do anything for you. Each human monad is a host and a leader of a host.

With a blank canvas the attainer-artist, who creates a new universe, paints with creative imagination, but the will determines what the new universe is to be. In the final analysis, all depends upon the will: The decision to strike out into the unknown is a matter of the will of the attainer.

What the 'finals examiners' are looking for is attainers who can do something entirely different, without any supervision whatsoever.

This present existence is a learning scenario: This is where we get our 'wings'. On passing out, the chief instructor, when pinning on our 'wings', says ... 'for God's sake do something different'.

The attainer's new thing doesn't have to be fancy or pretty or bland: It doesn't have to be a smart new cocktail of old qualities: It can be anything! A good pilot can just go and fly ... and throw his plane about the sky: He does not need to plan it in advance. So, also, an attainer can just go forth and naturally do his thing. It is a matter of will and ability ... an instinctive performance ... unrestrained and joyous and free ... and this is how it is meant to be.

When there is no greed left and no desire left, what is left is the will: The will is the ultimate residual of all the qualities and, upon it, all energy and means depend.

If greed and desire have departed, what is there to motivate and prompt the attainer's will? The peculiarity of will is that it needs no motivation or prompting: It acts as spontaneously as the master-pilot who just goes up and flies his soul out. An attainer is a master-pilot who just does his own thing: How he flies and what he flies, and the patterns of his flight are the signature of his soul ... and it is essentially the will of his soul which writes his signature.

The will of the individual attainer is the will of the Absolute ... and it is supreme.

A new universe is the will/genius of an attainer, living itself out ... spending and displaying itself fully and utterly without reservation ... with all the space and means of the Absolute at its disposal.

The will gives decision and imparts action: It presses buttons, accelerates and holds course. Its mechanisms may be whatever, and its magnitudes and categories may be whatever ... but that which directs all is the will. Instead of saying that one's heart must be in it, we should perhaps be saying that one's will must be in it. If a person completely wills a thing, all of the person's qualities and sensibilities are conjoined and merged, in service of his or her will. The 'engine-room' of all the leadership qualities is the will ... and, without it, courage becomes butter and boldness melts away.

In worldly society, a person may be judged to possess an excess of will ... but an attainer must have perfect will, and can never have an excess of it.

An attainer must have perfect ability and perfect will and perfect self-realisation ... and, having these, he or she has perfect love and all qualities of the Absolute, in perfect degree.

An attainer must have the will to be itself and to sustain itself in its own being, alone, in an infinite void.

To those, which the attainer invites, it says ... 'come with me, if you will, and you will be welcome.' And those, who accept, are the attainer's host. Tacitly, the invitation is to play together and to have a great time together ... and for the members of the host to accept the love, protection, guidance and tutelage of the attainer: But, essentially, it is an act of will, on the part of all members of a host, which brings them together and keeps them together.

During sleep, the intellectual functions are in abeyance but we will our autonomic functions to continue. The will operates largely on the sub-conscious, instinctive level. At times of emergency, the will takes over and all faculties, including the intelligence, become strictly subservient to it. In situations of dire extremity, all veneers are stripped off and the naked will is revealed as the essential being.

In non-threatening situations, the will is content to allow other qualities to manifest but, when the chips are down, all persiflage is immediately dispensed with. Make no mistake, when the physical body dies, the will takes over. In the transfinite life, the will is supreme.

The will is elemental and quintessential: It holds within it all the qualities and learning of the monad: It is, so to say, the keep and ultimate safe-place of the monad.

While the monad is unique, the power of the will is homogeneous. When a monad calls upon its will, it calls upon the infinite will of the Absolute: Infinite raw power is at the disposal of the individual monad.

Each monad is 'plugged into' the infinite power of the Absolute will, and draws off such power as it needs. Will is the raw power of the Absolute and, in the individual, the will encompasses an automatic control mechanism which feeds power to an individual in accordance with the level of its self-realisation. The greater the self-realisation of the monad, the thicker gauge of fuse wire, so to say. An attainer doesn't need any fuse wire at all: It is connected directly to the Absolute power source.

The will is our access and means of access to the Absolute power source.

The degree of our self-realisation is the extent of our access to the Absolute will.

The will is the power to handle power.

Will is our way of referring to our means of access to Absolute power. It refers not only to our ability to access power, but also to our ability to control and use that power. Our will is the conduit and the control valve and the director/applicator of the power.

Some monads can only take a small flow of power, and can only operate on a 'thin fuse wire', while others can handle large flows and can make do with a 'heavy gauge fuse', or no 'fuse' at all.

Most of us do our thinking while assuming that we are, in the main, unable to influence the course of events ... but, we are sovereign beings which are able to influence events. From now on, there will be a growing realisation of our competence as natural legislators, creators, designers, directors ... as gods, if you will. If we wish a certain course or concatenation of events, no one can deny these to us.

But, this time-space milieu is too crowded and too constricting: And we need to use the unrestricted milieu of the transfinite, where we may create and express to our soul's delight.

Where does prediction end and creation start? Who can say that there is any real difference between the two? A guru may create the future and then tell what is going to happen: As to the first, he is a creator and, as to the second, he is a prophet. To the guru himself, he is behaving naturally as a self-realised being.

A good prophet is a good creator, and a good creator is a good prophet. It is not possible to predict the future without actually influencing the flow of events.

To be self-aware (that is, highly qualitative) is to be aware transfinitely and the time-space continuum does not operate in the transfinite. Self-awareness is future awareness ... is a timeless and spaceless awareness ... is the milieu of creation and prophecy.

The key concept of this network is that monads are maturing and causing the physical universe to disperse: That we are in process of metamorphosis, as a race ... that 'where its at' is monads, and not physical units such as atoms, protons, molecules etc. The emphasis shifts from units of mass to monads ... from atomic physical forms to monadic transfinite forms.

The will is supreme, and we human beings are primal agencies of the will. As we will that we be eternal beings, we are actually eternal beings: Our eternal life, as individuals, is an act of will and a phenomenon of will: We are eternal because we will it to be so.

It is equally true that our eternal life is due to our faith ... faith that it is the Absolute will that we have eternal life. Faith, in the Absolute will, is at one with the Absolute will. The qualities of faith and will are so closely allied as to be virtually indistinguishable. Some think of faith as more passive than will, but there is nothing passive about faith. Some see will as more demanding than faith, but absolute faith demands absolute outcomes. We may say that faith is a gentle and respectful aspect of will.

To believe also is to will, for that which we believe in, we will to be. Thus, if a person believes that he (or she) has eternal life, then he (or she) has eternal life. Like faith, belief is an aspect of will.

The conceptual emphasis is switching from atomic to monadic building blocks. The former is physical and the latter is mental-spiritual.

We are consuming/converting the physical to mental-spiritual: A metamorphosis is taking place.

Most people are so identified with their body that they cannot envisage or imagine what it is like to be a bodiless monad.

For the monad to know itself and to know its powers and attributes is to attain a wonderful freedom.

Everything which is known is monadic knowledge. Our knowledge of physics is monadic. All knowledge is monadic and is retained monadically. The physical dispersal does not involve monadic dispersal. The existing monadic universe simply withdraws from the physical.

The proton contains energy/quality (food for monads) and is the dwelling place of unawakened monads. To release the energy/quality of a proton is to release and awaken its indwelling monads.

That which releases energy releases monads: That which releases energy awakens monads.

The creative intelligence is the major agency by which monads awaken other monads. The creative intelligence is like a hatching/feeding agency.

The greater the self-realisation of a monad, the greater its host status ... that is, the greater its host of attendant monads.

The process of self-realisation is an enlightenment process: To awaken a monad is to reduce the mass of its dwelling place.

A fully self-realised monad has no need of a physical body or physical dwelling place.

The essential difference between pre and post metamorphosis scenarios is in the way we perceive things. Instead of perceiving things as solid and physical, we will see things as mental images. Only mass is removed: All else remains as we perceive it now. All qualities, design, colours, movement and sentiment remain ... and only timespace aspects are removed. The metamorphosis is from atomic consciousness to monadic consciousness.

The metamorphosis is not a sudden thing: It has been taking place during the whole gamut of the organic evolution ... during the whole history and saga of self-realisation and knowledge ... during the whole development of creative intelligence and every increase of self-awareness of the mind. When we are finally aware that all is mind, that is all there is ... mind. Our awareness dictates our actuality..

A thorough knowledge of the total network enhances the intuitive prophetic abilities of the network operator.

All monads, collectively and transfinitely, create their reality. They do this finitely, instant by instant: But, transfinitely, it is one timeless and spaceless event.

The essential nature of mind is thought, and its products are thought. We cannot perceive without thinking, and what we perceive is in terms of thought. The concept of reality is a thought. If there is something existing, apart from thought, we are unable to conceive it as other than thought, for all our conceptions are thought. Our universe is a 'thought-universe'.

The truth of an individual is what that individual wills it to be: The truth of a society is what that society wills it to be. Truth is primarily a matter of will.

When we seek to impose our truth upon another person, we are seeking to impose our will upon that person.

It has been said before and is repeated here that we are qualitative beings which feed upon the quality of the Absolute.

We monads feed on the quality of what we perceive and, as we perceive in terms of thought, we feed upon our thoughts. Monads feed upon their thoughts.

Thoughts are qualitative and we feed upon the quality of our thoughts and upon the quality released by our thoughts and made available to us by our thoughts.

The more active and powerful one's thoughts, the more qualitative they are ... and the more quality one absorbs.

When we concentrate upon a thing or thought, we absorb the quality of that thing or thought.

When we feed upon the quality of what we perceive, we feed upon the quality of our thoughts concerning what we perceive.

We perceive a thing and have thoughts about a thing because we need to absorb the quality which we create by our perception and thought. By our perception and thought we create quality, which we absorb. All perception and thought is appetitive.

We enter into experiences in order to absorb the quality released by those experiences. Intuitively, we are drawn to those experiences which will release the qualities we hunger for. All experience is appetitive.

To see a thing is to participate in the creation of that thing. To see a person is to participate in the creation of that person.

That which is both finite and infinite is transfinite. 'Transfinite' refers to the finite and infinite nature of existence ... that is, to the dual finite-infinite nature of all time-space expressions.

All qualities are transfinite and one: All qualities are integrally related and each quality is both part and whole of the Absolute integer.

Will is a quality; will is all; we will to see what we see; we will what we see; we are one with what we see.

All time-space expressions are transfinite and thus, transfinitely, we are one with what we see.

The transfinite aspects of things may be termed 'qualitative'. The terms 'transfinite' and 'qualitative' have almost identical meanings. 'Transfinite' refers to the dimensional aspects of the finite-infinite duality, while 'qualitative' refers to aspects such as beauty, justice, nobility, integrity, will, and so on.

Time and space are tools of perception ... that is, they pertain to the observer, and it cannot be proved that they pertain to anything else.

We observers impart velocity or impute it. As energy-mass at zero velocity is zero energy-mass, we observers impart it or impute it. Everything which we know of the universe is imparted or imputed by us.

We impart and impute of ourselves and, as we do so, we develop and progress in self-knowledge.

Our environment is a projection of ourselves and it is our qualitative food, for we feed upon it. We project ourselves until we completely know ourselves and, when we cease to project, our environment ceases also.

The truth unfolds and is essentially dynamic: By contrast, order is essentially static. Order may ride, like a ship, upon the moving seas of truth ... but order and truth are essentially different qualities and they often oppose each other.

The closer we come to self-realisation, the greater speeds we generate and the greater energy we release from mass. As we approach 2020, we will generate (impute) speeds in excess of the speed of light.

The only limitations we have are self-imposed. Lightspeed is an example of a self-imposed limitation. We may impute any environmental characteristics we wish.

How can things be identifiable but not countable or enumerable? Can thoughts be numbered? They run together. One has a stream of thought or a 'think' of thought, but the constituent thoughts of the 'think' are not enumerable. Also, are 'thinks' so separable as to be enumerable?: No! Thought is qualitative and is not enumerable. Transfinite phenomena are identifiable but not enumerable. Also, there is no point in counting transfinite phenomena: Nothing is to be gained by such an exercise: The mathematics of transfinity is the mathematics of qualitative powers and characteristics. Transfinite phenomena occupy no time and no space: They are in no way quantitative ... they are qualitative.

It is the experience of thinkers that time elapses while they are thinking. We need to consider the musing/mulling activity, as separate from thought itself. Certainly, the physical brain needs time to prepare itself and to interpret, but thought itself takes no time: Thought is transfinite.

Time-space aspects are apparent, but our essential reality is of transfinity. We think up the physical: We think up the physical brain. In effect, we think up obstacles and resistors for ourselves and, in doing so, we think up measurements for them and call them time-space. It is our self-imposed obstacles which take time, but thought itself takes no time: It is transfinite.

Our physical brain is like a transformer, which converts energy from infinite to low frequency. It is the transformation process which takes time: Thought itself is of infinite frequency and it takes no time.

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