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Network Propositions
3300 - 3399

God (the Absolute) speaks to himself through us. In every conversation, God is wholly in each person present ... and, when each one speaks, God speaks.

Order is being internalised. That, which in the past has been perceived as external, is increasingly being perceived as internal.

As we absorb the quality of the external, we internalise it. Ecological depreciation is indicative of internal appreciation.

It is a matter of awareness. If a person perceives quality as external to itself, such is its reality: If a person perceives quality as internal to itself, such is its reality.

If a person believes in a certain state of affairs, its powers and actions are limited to the parameters of that believed state.

If a person believes all quality to be internal to itself, there are no limitations to the powers and actions of that person.

Communications internalise the external. Increased communications internalise that which was previously perceived as external.

Communication is a major entropic agency: It is a function of the creative intelligence.

That, which we are aware of and understand, we internalise ... that is, we identify with it.

The external is the unknown: It is that which we have not absorbed.

Each person differs in the magnitude of its externalisation ... that is, in the magnitude of its unknown.

As, collectively, we internalise our environment, we dissipate its forms. It is we ourselves who randomise and singularise our environment.

There is nothing but ourselves. We are the Absolute ... and we are in process of discovering ourselves. When we have fully discovered ourselves, we find that nothing is external ... for we are all that is.

External forms are the objectification of unrealised quality of the Absolute. Forms are food for us ... which are waiting for us to absorb. We absorb some of it physically and some of it mentally and some of it spiritually ... but, one way or another, we absorb it.

The multi-paradigmatic approach to truth is far more comprehensive and effective than the uni-paradigmatic approach. The many-view approach gives us a better appreciation and understanding of the action than a one-view approach. Let us use the analogy of a televised football match. If we take only one camera to the match, we will get inadequate television but, if we take 500 cameras, all shooting from different angles, we will get very good television ... and viewers will have a much better idea of the action. In the past, we have tended to use the one-camera approach to truth far too heavily and this has restricted our understanding. The propositional network methodology is a multi-paradigmatic or multi-camera approach to the truth, which brings a large number of diverse viewpoints to bear in gaining understanding of the truth and the future.

The future has a fey quality about it ... and, to experience the future in advance, is to experience a dreamlike state ... a state of transfinity, where time and space melt and meld into oneness. It is as if we were taking a magic-carpet trip in the land of deja vu.

The network is a kind of magic-carpet to deja vu ... a magic-carpet to transfinity.

Everyone, who takes a carpet trip, helps to make the trip happen.

The network is a means not only of knowing the future but of making the future.

Back in their present, the carpeters live-out the certainty which they have experienced and events fall into place. The future, they have experienced, determines its pasts ... that is, determines the continuity of presents of the carpeters.

Each person, who hears and thinks about the network predictions, can do nothing other than live them out. To see and experience the future is to make the future.

The magic-carpet experience does not involve fatalism: The carpeters participate in the making of the future. To travel in the future is to make the future.

Once on the carpet, you stay on the carpet: You can't get off, and you don't want to get off. It's like a timemachine, by which one enters transfinity. Once you step on to the magic-carpet, you become a transfinite being, and you remain a transfinite being.

The wonderful thing about the network is that it is a means by which consciousness is transmuted to transfinity. That is its magic.

Once a person sees and accepts the network and its predictions, that person becomes a consciously transfinite being. We are all transfinite beings but most of us are not consciously aware of this. The network enables us to leap or bridge the awareness gap, and to become consciously aware of our transfinity ... and to consciously enter transfinity and to know that we belong there.

To listen to the predictions, is to stand at the gateway of transfinity ... and, to accept the predictions as truth, is to enter into transfinity and become a self-aware transfinite being.

The semi-trance, bemused, dream-like condition of those who contemplate the network or its predictions, is a transfinite condition which removes them from the cogs of finity. It is like changing into neutral and finding that you are in a new super-gear.

The network is the wisdom of countless minds, for each of the included viewpoints represents a host of like minds. The network is our collective selves: It is a quintessence of human understanding ... a quintessence which is qualitative and transfinite: It is a kind of transmutation device of our collective making. If it has a magic quality, it is because we ourselves have a magic quality: We are sovereign and absolute beings, and we can do whatever we will.

It is we, ourselves, who make this universe. Note that the word 'make' is used here, and not the past tense form 'made'. We make the universe transfinitely: It is a transfinite creation, of the eternal now. Contemplation of the network transmutes our awareness into the eternal now ... and we realise that we, ourselves, make the whole thing. There is nothing apart from us: We are the 'all', upon our void.

To accept the predictions is to become one with those who create the future. Whether by faith, belief, love, conviction or reason, those who accept the predictions also create the future and become one with the future: They become part and whole of the host of the future.

Our human objective is to realise that we are transfinite beings.

An attainer is like the eye of a hurricane, quiet ... and all is turbulence around it, as finity (and all its forms) reverts to singularity.

The greatest awareness is everyone's awareness, and no one is excluded from it.

Each one of us has an indispensable role to play and each is a child of the Absolute and each is absolutely important.

To know the future absolutely is to know the Absolute absolutely: To know the future absolutely is to be absolutely one with the future.

The transfinite life is like a very real dream-state ... where we see all colours and forms clearly and where we use all the senses fully, and the total experience lacks no aspect of reality. Most of us have experienced such dream-states. In the transfinite life, the monad spirit has no need of a physical body.

In the final physical phase, the unknowns of the physical universe become fewer and fewer. In the d6nouementphase, all future events will be readable in the parade of past and present ... and events will move quickly, like a film running fast to its end.

From now on, everything will take on a dream-like, deja vu quality, as we progressively realise our transfinity. This dream-like state comes with the final stage of our metamorphosis from finity to transfinity.

From a strategic viewpoint, the future is an unknown, upon which the predictor gathers intelligence. When he reports back, he may not be believed and his reports may not be acted upon. Such has always been the fate of intelligence gathered concerning an unknown force. Of course, if the predictor's reports were perfectly reliable and if everyone received them and understood and acted upon them, options would be reduced to one possible outcome. To the extent that all actors believe in the predictions and act according to the predictions, the predictions are self-fulfilling. Apart from the predictions themselves, three aspects become important namely, communications, acceptance and ensuing action.

It is pointless to go to great lengths to develop predictions, unless one also ensures that the public is aware of them. The marketing of the predictions is important, in order that the predictions be not only widely known but also widely accepted. If the predictions are widely known and widely accepted, they will be self-fulfilling, as to ensuing action.

I am successful at prediction for the following reasons:

We have a general heating of the planet. We have the core explosion coming closer to the surface and we have Greenhouse heating and ozone-depletion heating.

It is noteworthy that creative intelligence is cool by nature but conflictive (heating) in effect. This is the 'hurricane-eye' characteristic of the creative intelligence.

The creative intelligence is in the biosphere, and here again we have the 'hurricane-eye' characteristic. The biosphere is cool, while above and below is heating up. The creative intelligence needs a cool ambience for its operation.

Volcanic energy (via the stratospheric veil's deinsolation) has a refrigerative effect upon the troposphere and the biosphere.

We are moving into COLD conditions, a few years hence, when the energy inputs of most activities will exceed energy outputs ... that is to say, most activities will be carried out at a loss.

Increasingly, enterprise will be less benefit-producing and will be increasingly involved in the protection, maintenance and re-distribution of wealth, rather than in the creation of wealth. Enterprise will become more informal and less law-abiding.

Mankind subsists by its ability to derive energy-outputs in excess of energy-inputs: This is its modus vivendi and modus operandi. Further into the COLD, a few years hence, this ability will abate significantly.

The stratospheric veil, of 15-30 kilometres altitude, has very important deinsolation effects upon global climate. The veil is composed of sulphurous acid vapour, tiny salt-water droplets, and fine volcanic ash and very small desert-sand particles. Sulphur-dioxide volcanic emissions, forming sulphurous acid aerosols, are the most important single contributor to global deinsolation (via the stratospheric veil). As Pinatubo's sulphur dioxide emissions have been estimated at 15-20 million tonnes, we may expect major global cooling until the mid 1990's ... and further into the future, if additional major sulphur-volcanism occurs. The cooling of the stratospheric veil pre-empts the warming of the carbon dioxide and methane Greenhouse gases, which are present in the lower atmosphere. The sun-rays, occluded by the stratospheric veil don't reach the Greenhouse layer and, therefore, can't be retained for warming. The ongoing Earthcore explosion will cause increased sulphur-volcanism and an intensification of global cooling. This thesis is central to the geological and climatic model, upon which many of my predictions are based.

It is all very well to look at what others have done and are doing, but you are here to do your own thing. You are here to pioneer and fashion your own universe, and you are its only seed ... unique and absolutely special. Get on with the job of being yourself. Everything you need will be made available to you.

Belief is natural, not logical.

If the exercise of reasoning was ever carried to its logical conclusion, it would destroy all assurance of anything.

An idea is true which successfully leads one through the labyrinth of experience. An idea is a tool.

The act of believing tends to make what is believed more true.

Activist philosophy sets us free of conventional wisdoms. 'Out of every position one may have adopted, out of every finitude, we are expelled: We are set whirling'.

Science must, in the final analysis, be an account of sensations: No other statements can have any scientific significance.

Existence is an Absolute and all events are of the Absolute ... that is, they are of the Absolute imperative.

Prediction science is not concerned with asking 'what should happen?' but with asking 'what will happen?'. Prediction science is concerned wholly with the Absolute imperative.

As the Absolute is complete and perfect, all its actions are perfect for the whole ... and as the Absolute is wholly in each of its parts, all actions are perfect for each part, as well as for the whole. It follows that all outcomes are perfect and that prediction science is concerned with perfect outcomes.

When all information bearing upon events is known, events are seen to be perfect. Individuals, with their individualised data, may perceive certain events to be imperfect. The perceived degree of perfection is relative to information and perspective.

The true is that which works.

By disemploying a person, society alienates a person. As all persons are mutually implicative (societally and absolutely), the alienation of one is the alienation of all. If we care for others, we care for ourselves: If we neglect others, we neglect ourselves. If work is scarce, it is better that we should share it. Certainly, charity is better than greed and alienation, but the sharing of work is better than charity ... we all work together in God's fields.

Value, meaning and purpose are the three principal categories of life.

Philosophical questions are essentially semantical and about the analysis of value-terms.

No scientific hypothesis can ever be conclusively refuted, since one can always adjust other hypotheses to protect it.

Music is a transfinite ocean, of potential and expressed sound: It is an interface, of finity and transfinity, which is accessible to all. It knows no barriers of race, language or learning: All may listen, enjoy and participate in musical communion: It has absolute universality.

The preference for one term, over its opposite, in untenable. The privileged term is constituted by what it suppresses, and it never achieves perfect identity or conceptual purity: It is always contaminated by the marginalised term. (Note: This is a deconstructionist view).

Ideas and practice work together as instruments. Ideas relate experience, making prediction possible, and are in turn tested by experience. Theories are instruments for deriving predictions. (Note: This is an instrumentalist view).

Knowledge comes not by immunisation against the chance of error, but by precautions against possible errors.

Existentialism is usually characterised by some hostility to abstract theory ... for obscuring the roughness, pain and seeming injustices of actual life.

The nature and limits of the thinkable, both in theory and practice, have changed more often, more radically, and more recently than we tend to suppose.

Art makes no less a claim to truth than science.

The only consistent way to endorse empiricism in religion is to endorse mysticism. The empirical demand is that one must have experience of that which one believes.

It would be better to follow the myths of Gods than the myths of scientist5: The Gods are more human and more interesting.

A great deal of the old is preserved in even the most fundamental revolutions.

Before the collapse of communism, the thesis of capitalism and the antithesis of communism stood apart. Now, the synthesis of the two is able to emerge.

We select our environments, observations, perceptions and understandings: Everything is of our own selection.

Understanding grows as history unfolds: Interpretive horizons are enlarged and fused with others gathered from the past.

Understanding is the process of the coming into being of meaning.

If something different had occured, the outcome would have been such and such.' This type of comment and discussion is pointless, for things can only happen in the way they do. It is fruitless to speculate on what might have happened. Existence is perfect, and all its outcomes are perfect.

Singularity, chaos and differentiation are mutually implicative: They are imperatives of the one continuum.

If we are convinced that something exists outside of our minds, we will make it so: If we are convinced that existence is of our minds, we will make it so.

Scientific revolutions institute new paradigms incommensurable with the old.

Contemporary thinking is mainly one-track thinking. Why do we follow each other?, and why do we not think for ourselves? Where is our spirit of adventure? Let us break new paths intellectually and quit 'naval-gazing' at computer-screens and television sets.

Criteria of scientific truth are contingent and perspectival.

Detached objectivity is impossible.

Our philosophy is a function of our biology: Knowledge is biological.

A conceptual system is better if it is simple, comprehensive and free from internal contradictions. While such a system is more useful, it is not necessarily more truthful.

Scientific laws are conceptual tools: They cannot be inductively proved from facts.

The universe is a society of minds, in close relation to each other.

He, who has his fill of quality, makes it available to those who lack quality: This is a qualitative thing to do: This is natural, qualitative morality.

Many surround themselves with quality but are not ready or able to absorb it: Such do not yet have their fill of quality.

The degree of nobility of a person is the degree of respect that person has for his/her enemies.

Existence is a function of conception: That which we conceive, exists.

All our thinking and information is biologically encoded. That we can predict events indicates that the encoding is transfinite. Our encoding must embrace all existence and all expression. There is nothing extant except us.

Once we know the nature of our being, we know its future. To know our being transfinitely, is to know its future transfinitely.

The entire universe is of us and one with us, and it all intercommunicates. We, the entire universe, are one transfinite living being, which is in process of multitudinous and varied reproduction.

We create what we will and do what we will.

Each person proceeds with the creation and living of its own universe.

Our being, creations and acts are transfinite. Our future is of ourselves, as also our past and present.

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