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Network Propositions
3200 - 3299

The development of countless individual personal-universes is in process and, in the process, the environment is being stripped of its quality.

Say not 'conserve the Earth': Say 'consume the Earth' ... for only thus can our personalities gain and mature in quality. Do not mourn for Earth, for she is the egg and this is her destiny ... and we are the fledglings which feed on the meat of the egg and this is our destiny.

When a monad leaves a body, it may re-incarnate at any prior time of Earth's history. Thus, the 2020 advent does not deprive unselfrealised monads of any further earthly experiences they may need.

As unselfrealised monads return from the 2020 finity barrier to re-incarnate, they bring awareness of the future with them. This back-surge feeds the mechanism of exponentiality. The retro-reincarnation of monads speeds up the general process of self-realisation and quality-enrichment.

The more integrated, cohesive, self-aware monads conflict with each other more than the more diffused, less developed monads.

Mature monads need more 'action room' than the restricted finite subset can provide. This pushes, or causes, them to withdraw from time-space finity to the transfinite categories of existence.

Monads, being transfinite, seek to express transfinitely, once they become aware of their transfinity.

Finity is the realm of ignorance, or of monadic unawareness.

An attainer-monad naturally seeks to express itself ... that is to say, it naturally creates its own unique universe.

The diaspora of new attainer-universes bursts forth from the finite 'egg' into the transfinite void. There, without constraint, they proceed to develop according to their several personalities.

To retro-reincarnate is not to retrogress. A monad always progresses optimally towards full self-realisation.

Belief and faith are by far the strongest facts. Religious faiths are built upon belief, rather than upon facts which are perceived as independent of belief.

If some event is observed, it will be perceived differently by every observer: An event has no intrinsic cohesion. The cohesion of an event is imparted by coherence of belief and faith.

What we know to be true issues from our belief and faith of what we know.

Continuity and development of knowledge is continuity and development of faith and belief.

All is qualitative and transfinite ... and finity is a subset of transfinity. All facts are transfinite and qualitative. As all qualities are implicative and integral, the quality of fact depends upon the qualities of belief and faith.

There can be no facts without belief and faith. Not only religious experience, but all experience depends on belief and faith.

It is rather pointless to dispute the factual provenance of religious beliefs: The beliefs themselves are their own reality.

There are no facts independent of our minds. Our minds and beliefs are qualitative and our facts are inseparable from them.

It is a wonderful achievement of faith and love that we behold in our religions ... and it is we, ourselves, who have created them.

It is a wonderful achievement of faith and love that we have created our warm-onenesses of family and friends, and our love of mankind.

Greatest and most precious of all are our qualities of love, belief and faith ... and the things which we have built from them.

We have created God and the Son of God and the Mother of God and the angels ... and we should not take this wonderful creation from ourselves ... not for science's chimeras or for any other chimeras.

Our beliefs and faiths are real and true and it is our belief and faith which makes them so.

We may change our faiths and beliefs but we shall not diminish them ... for they are the seeds and the roots and the branches and the fruits of our destiny.

What we create, we create of ourselves: We are one with what we create: We identify ourselves with what we create: We create God and we identify with God and we become God.

For a host, or society, to withhold respect from one of its members is to expel that member from its host. It is a 'pointing of the bone' ... and the rejected monad's body may die, but it will join with another host. The Absolute is wholly in each monad and each one is cared for spiritually.

What is the 'raison d'etre' of finity?: It is for the reproduction and multiplication of monads ... it is for the seeding and the diaspora. Finity is a fertility subset of the Absolute, and a place of self-finding and self-knowing.

There are no societal constraints in the transfinite categories: It is only in time-space finity that individuals need to conform. Away from the conforming and queueing behaviour of finity, we each behave naturally and freely, according to our self-realisation.

From 1993 onwards, societies and individuals will free-up increasingly ... and will feel less need to conform and will feel less need for order. Individuality and individual freedom will have priority over societal constraints.

In the metamorphosis phase, to 2020, our behaviour will become more and more attuned to transfinity, and old social behaviour patterns will fade.

That cohesion, which leaves the individual's environment by the process of entropy, is absorbed by the individual. The individual gains cohesion as his/her environment loses cohesion.

In order to gain spiritually, one must gain qualitatively.

As individuals mature spiritually, they gain qualitatively. Cohesion is a quality. As individuals mature spiritually, they gain in the quality of cohesion.

When many individuals see their environment and their physical assets deteriorating (i.e. Losing cohesion), they feel that they themselves are deteriorating. This is not so, they themselves are absorbing and gaining the quality ... and they are in truth causing the physical deterioration.

We live off our environment and we absorb the quality of our environment ... and we should not, therefore, be surprised to see our environment deteriorating.

Humans are primarily and essentially qualitative beings. It is paradoxical that they usually perceive themselves as physical, material beings ... but they are not such. Humans are qualitative monads ... they are sovereign and transfinite beings. Even tangibility, which induces belief of materiality, is a transfinite quality.

The quality, which we take from our environment, is applied by us in countless gains, such as:

To perceive ourselves as material and finite beings, is one mind-set or paradigm: To perceive ourselves as qualitative and transfinite beings is a quite different mindset or paradigm. To see ourselves as qualitative and transfinite beings involves a paradigmatic switch ... a quantum leap of understanding. As we make this quantum leap of understanding, we metamorphose from finite beings to transfinite beings.

As we make the paradigm switch, we change our beliefs, attitudes and motivations ... and we create a different world ... and we live in a different world, as we concentrate upon transfinite gains rather than upon finite losses.

Importantly, one has a different attitude towards order in the environment ... knowing that the environment becomes less ordered, as we ourselves become more ordered. We find or discover ourselves at the expense of our environment ... like plants which have absorbed their soil.

We can't have our cake and eat it too'. We can't live off our environment and still have our environment intact ... and we may be sure that, if we conserve our environment, we shall have less 'cake' to eat. But we are not meant to deprive ourselves, and we shall not: We shall eat our 'cake'.

Many of us have words in common, but we don't have meanings in common. If we define language in terms of words, we have common languages: If we define language in terms of meanings, there is no such thing as a common language ... and each of us has a unique and personal language.

People and institutions, alike, invariably adopt philosophies aimed at physical-body survival.

Establishment institutions will not adopt de-establishment philosophies ... that is, philosophies which view their de-establishment as inevitable.

Governments will not adopt entropic philosophies, for such philosophies envisage the inevitable dissolution of all institutions of law and order.

Also, governments will not knowingly adopt predictions based upon entropic philosophies or propositions.

It is inevitable that governments will think and act negentropically, and that they will fail in their negentropic objectives ... that is, they will fail to achieve greater order and stability.

As the future is entropic, and as governments cannot face the facts of entropy, governments will tend to plan for the future on the basis of what has happened in the past.

Both atoms and monads are centres of energy. The energy of atoms is of time-space, while the energy of monads is transfinite. While the energy of time-space is finite, within any closed system, the energy of transfinity is limitless.

Both atoms and monads are aware, but monads possess self-awareness. By reason of their self-awareness, monads command the energy of atoms.

Energy is a quality and, as all qualities are implicative and integrally related, where energy is present all qualities are present, in either expression or potential.

Self-awareness of quality is accompanied by manifestation of quality. To be aware of a quality is, at once, to create and to manifest that quality.

There is no essential difference between any thing and any other thing, for all is Absolute, and the Absolute is wholly in each thing. There is no essential difference between a monad and an atom: Both are of the Absolute: But a monad is characterised by its self-awareness ... its apperception. The atom is aware but the monad is aware that it is aware.

As the monad develops, it becomes more and more self-aware.

As one great philosopher remarked - 'God is where he knows himself to be'. The measure of a monad's self-awareness is the measure of a monad's godness.

A monad's self-awareness is a self-awareness of the Absolute. An attainer-monad commands not others but itself.

A monad is an absolute and sovereign being: It is a self-aware presence of the Absolute.

By its self-awareness, a monad may command all energy/ quality of its own absolute self.

The positive polarity of energy is that which has zero self-awareness. The negatively charged electrons have a degree of self-awareness, and this permits them to flow to other electron orbits, creating a chain-exchange of energy/quality.

Positive energy polarity is negentropic, while negative energy is entropic. That, which is communicative and which mixes and flows, in entropic in character.

Negentropy equates lack of self-awareness ... that is, lack of awareness of absoluteness: Negentropy equates finity and complexity.

Monads gain awareness via finity and complexity. The three stages of awareness are ignorance, then complexity and, finally, simplicity. The negentropic phases, of ignorance and complexity, are essential to monads in their development to full self-realisation.

Energy flows from positive polarity to negative polarity: The negative polarity is the sink to which positive energy flows, in accordance with the second law of thermo-dynamics.

As the rate of entropy increases, positivity and negativity both move towards the disturbed partial equilibrium of chaos, and thence to the complete equilibrium of singularity.

Entropy involves the decrease of cohesion finitely and the increase of cohesion transfinitely ... that is, the transference of cohesion from physical centres (atoms) to transfinite centres (monads). Entropy is perceived as one of the agencies of the metamorphosis, from finite expression to transfinite expression.

Cohesion is a principal quality of formal expression. Cohesion is a quality of the Absolute and is complete. Any decrease of cohesion finitely is accompanied by an increase of cohesion transfinitely: Absolute cohesion remains absolute.

When we make inferences, we involve our judgement and intuition, as well as our reasoning and logic. All qualities are implicative ... and, when a qualitative truth system grows, it grows qualitatively, and all qualities are involved in its growth.

All a person's truth is conformable to that person's system of knowledge: Nothing else is comprehensible to that person.

We only want to know that which we are able to take responsibility for, or that for which we can assign responsibility to 'others'.

To assign responsibility to a natural law is to assign responsibility to 'others'.

We are disturbed if we cannot assign responsibility, and it eases us to blame someone or something: We are natural blamers.

By restriction of meaning, reductionism (of logical positivism and cognitive science) reduces the bases of knowledge and the scope of inference.

We come closest to commonality in action and in the joint occupation of time-space.

People, together in a room, will agree on their commonality in time-space, but ask them what they think about something and there will be an instant departure from commonality. We were, are and will be essentially individuals.

We come together in order that we may be comforted and in order that we may disagree and that we may learn by the conflict of disagreement.

Materiality is a function or aspect of a mind-set: It is a psychological concept rather than a physical concept. Physics perceives atomic particles as centres of energy: Physics does not posit that these centres of energy are materially extended.

Formal ideative development, by affiliation of ideas, is restricted by constraints of precession. New ideas issue not from past concepts but from chaos, at the promptings of intuition.

Both noumena and phenomena are creations of the mind. There is no proof that any thing exists independently of the perceiving mind.

Faith progresses boldly: Boldness is the strong ally of faith.

The human race and its truths are organic. A truth system grows organically ... taking sustenance and reaching and grasping and extending and spreading ... and old parts are shed and new shoots appear, and all is alive and vigorous and full of joi de vivre.

A truth system, which is alive and well, is full of enthusiasm and of the joy of living ... and, like a plant, it is unique, for there is no other exactly like it.

As we self-realise, we absorb and internalise our environment. Nothing is lost of our experiences, sensations and memories ... but we no longer need to reach out for them ... they are within ourselves.

Ethics is a quality in its own right. As we love for love's sake, so we behave ethically for ethics' sake ... that is, for the love of righteousness.

Caring involves hosting and collectivity, and hosting looms large in the scale of emphasis and priorities. Even exceeding hosting in importance is individuality ... for each individual is the burgeoning seed of a unique universe. Yes! Individuality is the priority of priorities.

Singularity is timeless and spaceless, and hence it is always present, transfinitely.

The organic species is like an artist who creates upon an empty canvas ... and the canvas is singularity ... and we create upon it as we please.

It is we monads, ourselves, which create the dimension of time-space (and all its expressions), and it will continue to exist until it has served our purposes, and no longer.

That which we know, we create ... and that which we create, we command. Prediction science is an aspect or function of creative intelligence: It is an extension of our knowledge of, and command of, our environment.

We now have sufficient data to enable us to predict the future. Our task is to assemble this data and to develop the methods and skills we need for the making of accurate predictions.

Now that prediction science is available to us, it will be used increasingly in the management of our private and political affairs.

What we perceive, is what we want, is what we create.

The network purports to tell us what we (the human race) want. It seeks to develop a comprehensive view of what we perceive, want and create.

Truth is perceived as that which is perceived by the human race. On this view of truth, the multiparadigmatic approach brings us closer to the truth than a single-view model.

The network seeks to be at one with racial truth. The human race creates its own truth. So, I ask the network what it is going to do in future ... and, when I do this, I am asking the human race what it is going to do in future.

The network progressively reveals itself more fully to its operator. As the human race comes to understand itself more fully, so the network becomes more comprehensive and effective.

The network seeks to 'plug in' to the 'mind beat' of the human race.

To help one person is to help the Absolute, which is each person and all persons: To help one person is to help all persons.

It is not possible to deprive a person of time or experience. Every happening is perfectly designed and organised, and is optimal for one and all.

When a person feels deprived, that feeling is a necessary experience of that person ... an experience which it needs to undergo, for its development to full self-realisation.

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