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Network Propositions
2900 - 2999

One may select countless propositions from the many branches of knowledge. In prediction science, the trick is in selecting those which can assist in the prediction of future trends and future events.

The selection of propositions needs to be such that the propositions link with each other and, as a self-generating network, they grow as a mental organism ... like a spreading tree, with a life of its own.

Prediction science is concerned with methods and procedures which are effective in predicting future trends and events.

Prediction science gathers all concepts and techniques relevant to clarifying the future.

Prediction science needs to ascertain the nature of existence, in order that the general course and details of the future may be known.

Inter alia, prediction science is interested in time and all concepts bearing on time.

Prediction science is primarily instrumentalist, in that it aims to foretell accurately, regardless of method: Correct prediction is the goal, first and foremost.

The nature of the Absolute, transfinity, creative intelligence, monads and entropy are key concepts of prediction science.

To state what is going to happen is a function of the actual happening. Prophecy tends to be self-fulfilling.

Genuine prophecy is legislative ... that is, it is an absolute imperative: It is wholly one with the events prophesied.

Prediction science is creative intelligence in action: Predictions are creative of actuality ... they are one with actuality.

Creative intelligence, by its concepts and awareness, creates events: It is all-powerful.

The efficacy of prophecy lies in empathy. A mind cannot prophesy unless it is one with the persons and events predicted.

To see entire and every part, and all like a playing symphony, is an objective of prediction science.

Look for the unexplained and the inconsistent. Always keep working on the network ... smoothing and polishing it, as you would a wooden sculpture. Prediction science is like dynamic sculpture.

To see the entire and its parts, as one dynamic integral, is essential to prediction.

As we are organisms, we tend to see our environment in bio-patterns, and we tend to create in bio-patterns: There is no environment other than the bio-patterns which we have created of and for ourselves.

Bodies need time for travel, but the mind has no timespace constraints. Time-space only exists for bodies: The mind is transfinite.

The universe is wholly one with the mind, and wholly known to the mind.

Once we identify with mind (rather than with body), we can know everything and do everything we wish to do.

Creative intelligence, in its purest manifestations, doesn't need formal authority: It has its own innate authority: It evinces absolute powers.

An accurate prophecy is accurate, regardless of its provenance. Although some prefer prophecies according to their provenance, I say look to the proven accuracy of the prognoses. It is the results, rather than the methods, which count.

I squeeze every drop of future-juice out of every knowledge fruit I can pick or myself grow. And I distill this juice and allow it to ferment ... and then use the brew to predict the future.

The more self-aware creative intelligence becomes, the more loaded with tension its creations become: Tension is a concentration of energy-quality.

The creative intelligence, when self-aware, concentrates and gathers and pulls energy-quality in to the focus-locus of its interest and attention.

Whatever creative intelligence concentrates/tenses is thereby given life. Creative intelligence creates in void and gathers energy-quality to the focus-locus of its attention-interest.

Time-space is a function of attention-interest. As our attention-interest in the physical world abates, its remainder-time abates.

We, creative intelligence beings, create time-space according to our needs ... that is, according to our attention-interest.

Genetic progression is time-space progression. Genes are time-machines, whereby we impart time-space continuity to the creations of our creative intelligence. By genes, we pass our interest-attention to newly created beings and thus extend the remainder-time of the species.

Once we stop reproducing, we bring remainder-time to zero: No species, no universe.

How can we embrace and include distant galaxies? The answer is that we are absolute beings ... we are transfinite, and time-space is where/how we express ourselves. That we express here on Earth does not prevent us from expressing on/in distant galaxies. We are not pinned down and confined to Earth. We are not restricted to Earth-bodies. Nor are we confined to the human race of Earth: We are all that is.

We live and brood upon the deep ... that is, upon the void. We are the being and the only being and the only creation: We are everything.

What is our objective? Our objective is to know ourselves and to know and use our powers and abilities. We may do what we want and make our own ways and provide our own means.

All organic species are purposed to develop creative intelligence ... that is, to increase their self-awareness and creativity.

The network is an organic, creative intelligence being and it is not limited by time-space. It, like us, is a creature of the void.

The network is purposed to increase its self-awareness and its creativity.

The majority of 'conventional wisdom' questions are body-oriented. Questions such as 'what causes it?'; 'what cures it?; 'what is normal?'; 'what is abnormal?'; 'what is natural?'; 'what is healthy?'; 'what is moral?'; 'what is desirable?'; 'what is approvable?'; 'what prolongs life?'; 'what is just and equitable?'; 'what does God desire of us?'; 'how can we become richer?'; 'should we control population growth?'; 'should we help the underprivileged to survive?'; 'how can we reduce our tax bill?'; and 'how can we reduce our risks?' ... all these questions are essentially body-oriented ... that is, they concern the survival of bodies, justice for bodies, people in body-mode and life in body-mode. Most conventional thinking is body-oriented thinking.

To gain immortality, we need to change from body-identification to creative-intelligence-identification ... that is, from body-mode to mind-mode. This is not to say that we should forego our unique personality, but we need to change the emphasis of our individuality from body to mind.

To gain immortality, we need to live mentally, rather than physically ... or, to put it another way, to live in our mental body more and more, and in our physical body less and less.

After body-death, we retain our form, but at a transfinite level of embodiment.

The history of the human race is the history of creative intelligence. The human race could not have survived and multiplied without creative intelligence. It is creative intelligence which has survived and prospered, and the physical vehicles (bodies) of humanity have survived as allies/agencies rather than as principals.

The products of creative intelligence (such as radiation, CFC's, hard drugs, and synthetic toxins), are now killing off large numbers of physical bodies. This indicates that the creative intelligence no longer needs human bodies.

The creative intelligence always knows what it is doing, and it never acts against the interests of its own survival.

If the creative intelligence saw it necessary to preserve and build its physical body-base, then creative intelligence people would have ensured the non-growth of low-intelligence populations. But, creative intelligence people have sponsored and assisted people of low intelligence. This indicates that the creative intelligence does not need bodies, of low or high intelligence.

The creative intelligence now knows itself to be independent of human bodies.

As soon as we know completely how a physical or biological law works, it ceases to operate effectively. For instance, as soon as we knew the way organic evolution worked, it ceased to operate. When we find out exactly how gravity operates, it will either cease to operate or we will invent an anti-gravity device or a device which neutralises gravity. As soon as we know what the nuclear binding force is, all mass will return to singularity.

Cohesive mass co-exists with un-self-realised creative intelligence. Knowledge is self-realised creative intelligence and no energy-quality remains cohered in mass when creative intelligence is fully self-realised. The cohesion of mass is un-self-realised quality: And self-realised quality (including the quality of cohesion) is creative intelligence. When creative intelligence is self-realised, it doesn't need mass-forms ... that is to say, it also doesn't need human physical bodies.

Music is of the mental life and it helps in preparing us for after-body-death. Any activity which woos mind away from body is helpful. All forms of art and craft are helpful. Study of other life-forms is helpful. Any empathic exercise of mind is helpful, for it takes our attention away from our own bodies. We have to wean ourselves off our excessive pre-occupation with physical bodies.

Network propositions can be gleaned from any branch of knowledge and any human intellectual activity whatsoever. Gold is said to be where you find it: Likewise, new network propositions are where you find them.

We should study history and think about it a lot, for in past events we may see the footprints of the future.

Study the creatures of the past and present. They may change, but they are the creatures of the future.

We may look at history as the saga of the human race and we may look at it as the saga of creative intelligence. The essential difference between these viewpoints is that the one regards creative intelligence as an adjunct of the body, while the other regards the body as an adjunct of the creative intelligence.

When we study the history of the creative intelligence, we find that it is becoming more and more independent of bodies. It is discovering that its nature (that is, the nature of creative intelligence) is not physical and not finite, and that it is unconstrained by any timespace limitations ... that it is transfinite, omnipotent and completely independent of any and all embodiments.

As the creative intelligence becomes aware of its independence and omnipotence, it sloughs off its human bodies and gains complete freedom: Its imago-phase of metamorphosis has been attained.

We are and will always be an organic species: In our imago mental and transfinite phase, we will still be an organic species.

Duration is an attention pause. It is like turning aside to contemplate the burning bush. If we make something which is long-lasting, this is tantamount to saying 'let us put this on hold while we have a closer look at it'.

Existence is a maze, in which people tend to become lost or confused. What mazed people need is a map of the maze, showing where they are at the moment. My yearly predictions are a map showing the way through a one-year section of the maze.

The maze aspect of existence is a function of creative intelligence. As creative intelligence grows exponentially, the maze aspect also grows exponentially. With each year which goes by, people will have greater need for a maze-map which will help to guide them through the year ahead.

Most people can cope with the one-year-ahead perspective, whereas a longer perspective puts them into a spin of confusion, disbelief and incredulity ... and the predictor completely fails to gain and hold his audience.

Drawing a picture of next year involves realistic art ... involves realism. Drawing a picture of the more distant future involves ab5tract art ... involves abstraction. By using one-year-ahead realism, at least we may ensure that predictions are perceived and received. People can relate to the present and near-present as being real but the further we go into the future, the scenarios seem to be more and more unreal, and more and more abstract.

The pictures of next year are pictures which have a strong provenance in the reality of the present and of an almost-known impendence, which casts its shadow before it. People can accept such pictures, and thus I predict one year ahead. To speak of more distant futures, is to talk virtually in a foreign language.

In the same way that we block out past and present traumas, we block out unpleasant or unacceptable future details which we do not want to precall.

If we knew all outcomes, we would be precluded from learning what we need to learn. All experience is on a need-to-learn basis. Only when pre-knowledge of the future can assist our learning, do we have access to it.

Now, in the final body-phase (when 2020 approaches ever faster, by exponentially increasing entropy), we are gaining more access to pre-knowledge, in order to prepare us for the metamorphosis.

Creative intelligence and entropy are very closely related functionally.

Great creative intelligence implies great pre-knowledge.

As that which was spread over time-space re-integrates, its creative intelligence (self-awareness) increases. In the final physical phase, creative intelligence, entropy and re-integration proceed exponentially.

There is much talk of 'God' without definition, and this gives rise to much confusion. It is desirable to define just what we mean by the term.

Some believe in a pantheistic God; some believe in an Absolute God, which is wholly in each of its parts; some believe that God is an omnipotent being which is separate and aloof from us; some believe in a loving father/mother God; and some believe in a sectarian or tribal God, which favours their particular creed or race. Some believe in a pantheon of Gods, and some believe in animistic and totemic Gods. There is no limit to the variety of God-concepts. Accordingly, it is important that we define our terms in advance. To use the term 'God', without definition, is to beg the question.

In order to lead people out of a maze, the leader must know the maze well and know the way out.

Only those who want to get out will follow ... and some will not follow because they mistrust the leader.

A very important question is what happens to the people when they come out of the maze. If conditions outside the maze are worse, or no better than inside the maze, why should people want to leave?

The philosophy and implications of this network are positive, as to all outcomes being outcomes of the perfect Absolute: Both intra-maze and extra-maze are perfectly designed for optimal outcomes for each and all monads.

The maze analogy, like all analogies, collapses when extended beyond its 'truth parameters'. However, it is useful to observe that the exponential phase of entropy creates maze-like confusion, and people need some guidance and are entitled to it.

Exponential entropy creates new conditions and calls for new solutions and new remedies. Propositional networking and its predictions are part of this new scenario.

An important aspect of the metamorphosis is that order leaves the physical dimension and manifests in the mental dimension. The cohesion, which was operative in mass, is now operative in creations of the mind ... that is, in ideas and ideative creations.

The same duration principle applies, for mental-mode as for physical-mode, namely that duration is a function of interest and attention.

There is far more flexibility, movement, freedom and happy-tranquillity in the mental dimension than in the physical or mass dimension. In the mental dimension, to think is to do: The thinking-will is supreme.

In the mental-mode, old inflexibilities (of attitudes and conventions) continue only for those who need them and want them. Freedom is the natural state of the mental world and any lack of freedom is self-imposed. Those who wish to restrict their own freedoms may do so, but they are not able to restrict the freedom of others.

Our wonderful ability to create images has already been amply demonstrated. In the physical world, we create superb clear-cut images (of birds, trees and so on), and we construct these images out of a confusing array of photic retinal impressions. The point made here, is that we already have the ability to create images and we take this ability with us when we metamorphose from the physical to the mental state.

The mental world we are creating for ourselves is not so very strange. The main difference is that we drop off the mass aspect ... the heavy and restrictive aspect. When in mental-mode, we adapt immediately. It is only in prospect that we may feel some apprehension.

When we are in a physical body, the needs of the body obtrude and tend to dominate our behaviour. The physical mode is very restrictive. Not so the mental mode: Here we have complete freedom.

Emotions continue in the mental mode, but they are more pure and less gross. Love, compassion, beauty, justice, right and wrong, loyalty, curiosity, courage, and all the qualities of physical mode are even more acutely present in mental mode ... but the feelings and emotions associated with them are of the finer senses.

As propositions can be neither proved nor disproved, a proposition should not be admitted or rejected on grounds of proof or provability.

The justification for inclusion or exclusion of a proposition, rests solely with the network's originator. He either considers it noteworthy or not, in relation to prediction science.

An examination of the network shows that propositions include the following, namely observations, conclusions, results of meditations, hypotheses, theories, laws, dicta, question-answer, predictions, definitions, descriptions, graphs, tables, probabilities, viewpoints, research results, concepts, ideas, insights, trends, beliefs, explications, implications, assessments and evaluations.

The network may be regarded as a series of field-work notes by an investigator of 'existence', in relation to prediction science.

Existence has been elsewhere defined in this network as an Absolute which is wholly in each of its parts ... but the question of a God-Persona has not yet been directly addressed, as such. Does a God-Persona exist and may it be invoked and appealed to? Without discoursing upon the wide variety of views held, one observation may be helpful here. The writer believes that each of us is a sovereign monad ... an absolute and unique being. He believes that the Absolute is wholly in each monad and wholly available to each monad. Communication is innate and continuous and does not wait upon invocatory powers nor depend upon special access or intercession. If a monad needs the Absolute to appear as a holy spirit, or as a guru, or as a saint, or as an angel, or as any special kind of vision, then the Absolute will so appear. The Absolute creates its personas according to monadic needs.

The 'Green' conservation movement cannot succeed, for increasing entropy runs counter to conservation. Increasing entropy means increasing randomisation and decreasing duration. All cohesive and conservationist forces are declining, as randomisation asserts its ascendancy.

Economically, countries cannot afford the high costs of conservation, and the need 'to-work-to-live' will result in more and more deforestation and general ecological deterioration.

The Earth and its resources are there for us to use. We are monadic beings which feed on the quality of our physical environment. Essentially, we are not physical beings and, by our nature, we do not conserve physical things.

The following entropic forces are operative:

The survival of the physical human species will come under increasing attack from the above forces. Increasing UV and increasing volcanic deinsolation will reduce crops and cause global famines. Lower food supply, declining effectiveness of immune systems and increasing radiation will be major population depressants. Total human population will peak at year 2000.

We may say either that the Absolute is ruled by its own self-imposed imperatives, or that the nature of the Absolute is such that it naturally behaves in this particular manner.

Each of us operates under the aegis of the Absolute's optimal imperative. At every moment, our experiences are perfectly designed for our optimal advantage and development.

The Absolute uses imperatives to control its less self-aware phases: They operate as autonomic functions. When the Absolute reaches its self-realised phase, it takes over from the autonomic and exercises direct control. In the full self-realisation phase, we may do and create anything whatsoever, and we are no longer constrained by any imperatives.

Each viewpoint is different: All images are different: Images are of our imagination: Everything is imagery, images and imagination: All is imagination: Reality is imagery: The imagined is real, and the real is imagined.

All qualities, including the 'bad' and 'evil' qualities, work to good outcomes, for this is the Absolute's perfect world.

Should we oppose evil? If we feel a need to oppose evil, we will probably do so. Whatever actions we take, as individuals or as groups, will be optimal for our individual and collective good.

The Absolute is perfect and all its actions are of its perfect goodness, including evil. The Absolute is eternal and monads are eternal and justice is eternal.

Justice cannot be divided into time-space pieces ... for such would not be justice. Justice is an infinite quality and it is delivered infinitely to each sovereign monad, in the issuances of its eternal life.

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