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Network Propositions
2000 - 2043

The physical and social environment is now biologically harmful to mankind. The human race has now been psychologically and toxically stressed to the point where survival can only be achieved by metamorphosis from a biological state to a purely mental state. This metamorphosis phase, which has now begun, is characterised by:

The mind is in process of sloughing off the body and asserting its independence of all things physical.

As a race, our first priority is no longer the multiplication and preservation of human bodies: Our first priority is now to gain realisation of our mental and spiritual selves ... selves which do not need physical bodies.

Once we realise that we do not need physical bodies, like fledglings, we 'fly the nest'. Then, without physical limitations, we come to know a freedom far greater than we have ever known before.

All the experiences which we will undergo henceforth, will be symptomatic of rejecting the body-self and adjusting fully with the mind-self.

It is now important to gather together and commune with those of like mind ... and to gain mental sustenance of each other ... and to share the mental communal life together.

It is symptomatic of the 'like mind' hosting/gathering process, that isolated ethnic and religious minorities will seek to join up with other peoples of the same race or religion. Such groups will also actively seek self-expression and self-government. This hosting/gathering process will result in political and social upheavals worldwide.

From now on, people will risk more physically, for they will know intuitively that they are not risking their all: They will know that their greater self is not at risk.

Many people, who were happy in purely physical relationships, will feel unsatisfied: They will feel a need for mental or spiritual communion, rather than physical communion.

Many couples, previously well adjusted on a physical valency basis, will drift apart, seeking more compatible mental or spiritual valencies.

Ideologies and beliefs will tend to become more important than material considerations.

It is characteristic of the metamorphosis process that it is primarily instinctive ... and that our will is enlisted to associated activities, usually without conscious recognition of the essential changes which are taking place or the reasons for them.

The metamorphosis of the human race, from physical to mental-spiritual, is a completely natural and completely irreversible process, in respect of which we may cooperate but may not countermand, redirect or interfere.

The human species has developed in such manner as to enable it to survive physically and also in such manner as to enable it to survive mentally, in post-physical conditions.

That the human species has developed in such manner as to enable it to survive mentally, in post-physical conditions, indicates that the species has been party to creating such post-physical conditions and that it has known instinctively what it must do in order to survive in such conditions.

As a species, we make our own environment and, as we metamorphose, our environment changes according to our needs.

During our metamorphosis, we release and absorb the quality of mass. The dissolution of our physical environment provides us with the 'food' we need for our metamorphosis.

As we withdraw transfinitely from the material environment, we take the quality of cohesion with us ... and, as our metamorphosis gathers momentum, the rate of physical and social entropy increases.

This propositional network is, in itself, a raja yoga path or means whereby one may gain self-realisation. To this objective, one needs to apply sustained interest, creative intelligence and diligence.

The central concept of this network is that we are monads which are metamorphosing from physical to transfinite embodiment ... and that our creative intelligence is the main agency by which we convert the quality of mass and absorb it as the quality of our new transfinite forms.

It is essential to our continued existence that we must convert the quality of mass to our own transfinite use: It is essential to us that we disperse and use the physical universe. We are not losing the physical universe: On the contrary, we are absorbing it and keeping it all with us.

The metamorphosis paradigm is foreign to most conventional paradigms, which give central emphasis and priority to the preservation of physical bodies and the physical environment. Mental and spiritual acceptance of, and adjustment to, the metamorphosis paradigm is essential in the years ahead.

Women, particularly, will usually find it hard to accept the metamorphosis paradigm ... for they have a natural desire to produce and nurture babies, and to do everything possible to preserve their physical forms.

A young dying body is anathema to most of us: We usually feel great sadness and loss when young bodies die. Somehow, we need to be convinced that the monad survives body-death and that a metamorphosis is taking place which involves no true loss of life or personality.

As the metamorphosis phase proceeds, we will become more receptive to communication with transfinite loved-ones and they will help to convince us of their continued existence.

The cross-over point (1998), where the physical cohesion line moves down and crosses the horizontal expression line, is also the point where transfinite expression exceeds physical (time-space) expression. During the six years to 1998, general awareness of the transfinity of human beings will increase markedly.

Whereas, heretofore, transfinite phenomena have been regarded as fanciful nonsense by some and as miracles by others, by the end of the century, there will be a general recognition that such phenomena simply manifest the natural laws pertaining to transfinite life.

At the completion of the metamorphosis phase (about the year 2020), all monads will wake from their 'pupa sleep' and become fully aware of their new transfinite life and being: This is the biblical resurrection.

At the time of the resurrection, there will be no physical bodies left alive on Earth: All life will be transmuted, by metamorphosis, to transfinity. All recently departed and long departed monads will awake to new transfinite life at this time.

The qualities which we value most (freedom, self-determination, selfless love, compassion, mercy, intelligence, creativity, imagination, high courage, justice, beauty, etc.) are qualities not of the body but of the mind and spirit. No other creatures are aware of, or possess, these qualities: They are unique to the human species ... a species which is not essentially a physical species but a mental-spiritual species.

The era, from now until 2020, is the era of mental-spiritual revolution. It may be likened to the state of the fledgling which flaps its wings vigorously and doesn't even think of food, for all its being concentrates on the daunting task of launching itself into airy space. Humans are now testing their mental and spiritual wings ... and creating no end of a fuss while so doing.

There is only biology: There is nothing else. Life grows grows in and of a culture of singularity. All existence is according to our needs. We evolve progressively from physical to mental and spiritual forms.

Life is not separate from its environment: Life is its environment. Life is everything: Everything is alive.

By our consciousness, we extract cohesion from our environment and we internalise it into our selves. As our environment becomes more dispersed, we become more coherent and more self-aware, as monads.

A void sucks up and disperses anything which enters it. The learning challenge of the void is how to retain pre-entry cohesion, of qualities, throughout a void experience.

Bio-engineering is genetically coded, at the molecular level. Our knowledge is gene-based, in that the genetic codes direct the registering and processing of our knowledge.

The unexpressed condition is singularity. Our time-space universe is simply and wholly a creation of organic life ... and it is the material first-phase of life. A metamorphosis is taking place, whereby life is converting to a mental-spiritual phase. Life is creating a mental-spiritual universe and is withdrawing to it, from the material universe. As life withdraws, the material universe reverts to singularity, via randomisation.

All monads of the material phase continue their life and development in the mental-spiritual phase.

Organic species have developed from life-forms which are low on energy-quality release and usage, to life-forms which are high on energy-quality release and usage.

By our increasing complexity, as organic species, we have increased our internal energy resistance, thus transforming internal energy to lower amperage and higher frequency: The greater the resistance and the higher the frequency, the greater the level of quality release and absorption.

The mental-spiritual phase of evolution is characterised by high-frequency levels of energy-quality.

Transfinity is here and now: It is heaven. To be aware of transfinity is to be in heaven. The key to heaven is awareness of heaven.

How will established authority react to the advent of a successful predictor, whose skills are not transferable?

There is a particular attraction associated with prophecy. To hear about the future is, in a sense, to live it ... and we hear this life to its close in order that we may live another. One feels quickening speed and a state of waking dream: Prophecy is a magic-carpet ride to transfinity.

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