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Network Propositions
600 - 614

The major economic motivations are:

Security pertains to every action which prolongs life or safeguards the quality of life of the person concerned, and that person's family. Procreation pertains to every action which conduces to successful reproduction by the person concerned. Emulation pertains to every action which helps a person to equal or exceed the performance and achievements of the person's reference groups.

The essential rationale, of every economic task, is to achieve a greater output of energy, as a result of the task, than the input of energy required to carry out the task. The object of each task is to make a net gain of energy: Such a net gain is called a profit.

An asset is a store of energy and money is a claim upon energy ... that is, a right to command, use and dispose of energy.

By an infinite range of ploys, the creative intelligence manipulates the environment to achieve net gains of energy ... that is, profit.

Examples of gainful ploys of creative intelligence are:

But business and management skills are now in a stage of diminishing returns: The human race is now entering the final self-destruct phase. In general, assets now decrease rather than increase, and economic losses exceed economic gains.

The creative intelligence is the key operant in this scenario of diminishing economic returns. We note four main stages in the historical development of creative intelligence, as follows:

The creative intelligence is primarily geared to the release of energy from mass. For as long as people are useful to this end (that is, the release of energy), they will be supported ... but not otherwise. The creative intelligence is not geared to supporting people, as people: The creative intelligence is indifferent to people, as such. To the creative intelligence, people are a means to an end.

The creative intelligence achieves release of energy by the burning and clearing of forests; by the dropping of high-explosive bombs; by the testing of nuclear weapons; by the burning of oil wells ... and so on. There is, of course, always a self-convincing rationale for such activities.

The creative intelligence has now achieved a chain-reaction of energy release, via wars, violence, global warming, etc. This chain-reaction is mass-destructive and life-destructive, and irreversible.

The return on investment on most fixed assets (real estate and industrial plants and civil engineering works) is falling to low levels, and even into the area of negative returns.

There are fewer and fewer legitimate opportunities to gain reasonable percentage returns on fixed asset investments.

Most governments around the world are selling off their fixed assets ... and many large corporations are doing the same. Sellers outnumber buyers, and market prices are falling.

The business environment indicates that the following courses of action are advisable:

Investments should be restricted to short-term bank deposits and first-class, short-term government loans. Cash-up at the first hint of insolvency of the institutions concerned.

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