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Network Propositions
400 - 499

Graph showing 'Chaos Gap', in relation to the 'Harmful Energy Effect':

Harmful Energy Effect

The curve of energy released (by mankind) and the curve of population changes, are plotted over time. The two curves follow the same path until the nuclear advent of 1945: Thereafter, the curves move further and further apart. The gap between the two curves is the chaos gap: It represents the magnitude of biologically harmful energy.

Graph showing 'Creation-Destruction', that is, 'action of the Creative Intelligence':

Creation - Destruction

Curves, of creation of the new universes and destruction of the old, are plotted over time. The curves follow exponential paths after the nuclear advent of 1945, and cross over at the point of instability in 1998.

Graph showing man-released energy and creative intelligence:

Man-Released Energy and Creative Intelligence

As creative intelligence has increased over time, so has the amount of energy, released by man, increased over time. As the latter is directly caused by the former, the two factors are directly correlated: When we draw a graph line for the one, it is also the graph line for the other.

Graph showing the point of instability or cross-over point:

The Point of Instability

The action of creative intelligence directly reduces the cohesion of mass and releases the energy of mass. As man's collective creative intelligence increases, so the cohesion of Earth-mass decreases. Where the curves intersect, at E, is the point of instability ... the polarity 'crossover' point: This is about 1998. At that point, the present state of unstable equilibrium becomes one of unstable disequilibrium, as the onset of chaos gains dominance.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to the automation effect:

Automation Effect

The history of creative intelligence, in the industrial era, has been the history of labour-saving inventions, namely the persistent growth of automation. The result has been an accelerating decline in industrial job opportunities. Automation sloughs off people sequentially: First to go are the unskilled, followed by the semi-skilled and, finally, by skilled tradesmen. The creative intelligence looks after its own: Scientists and computer specialists are the last to go. The automation effect is the major underlying cause of the weakness in the world economy. Since the advent of the nuclear/computer era, the trend to automation has been gathering momentum. Machine-capital inputs have been progressively outstripping labour inputs, as far as the supply function is concerned. When the instability point (1998) is passed, the world economy moves out of control, and the 'Chaos Gap' widens exponentially.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to the government expenditure effect:

Government Expenditure Effect

As jobs are lost, consumer demand drops ... and as demand drops, more jobs are lost: This is how the multiplier compounds and intensifies the economic downturn. As effective demand falls, sales fall, profits fall, and the government tax-take falls. This reduction in government income occurs when the need for government expenditure is rising ... and when there is an increasing clamour for more unemployment benefits and other social support services. The extent, to which governments are unable to meet public needs, exemplifies the 'Chaos Gap'.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to the inflation effect:

Inflation Effect

As political pressure mounts for greater public expenditure, outgoings exceed dwindling tax income, and budget deficits worsen. Governments issue more currency and create credit, in order to cover fiscal deficits. Now, however, the additional currency and credit is not backed by additional goods and services: It is inflationary. The consequences of uncontrolled inflation ensue ... rocketing prices and living costs; balance of payments deficits; collapse of currencies, and collapse of governments. The inflationary effects gather speed as the 'Chaos Gap' widens ... as the volume of paper-money and credit outstrips the volume of goods and services.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to income effect:

Income Effect

Economists try for stable full-employment and full production and supply. This is not to be. A full-supply equilibrium is a static concept and is not in the nature of things. Reality is not a matter of static equilibrium or of material stability: Reality involves a dispersal of mass, not a steady-state of mass. Try as they may, economists and politicians will not prevent a reduction of world income: From 1998, it will fall sharply. The graph shows how the needed world income line will move ever further away from the actual world-income line.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to travel effect:

Travel Effect

The international scene will become chaotic, as the onset of the final stage gains momentum. Terrorism and brigandage escalate. International travel becomes fraught with risks and will only be undertaken by the foolhardy and those with pressing business to conduct. Top-security airline flights will be featured but, as airport and general security deteriorate, even these fail to guarantee traveller safety. The volume of international passenger traffic decreases rapidly after the 1998 instability point has been passed.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to world trade effect:

World Trade Effect

As consumer purchasing power falls, effective demand for imports falls. Also, as conditions become chaotic worldwide, the difficulties of conducting international trade become greater and greater. Increasingly, consignments fail to reach their destination and the costs of transporting and insuring goods skyrocket. From the instability point (1998) on, world trade falls away sharply.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to social change effect:

Social Change Effect

Thousands of industrial plants will stand idle: 'labour-source' urban areas will become depressed centres of unemployment, deprivation and violence. Under these conditions, social standards of behaviour disintegrate. Respect for customs and traditions will be replaced by impatient and rebellious behaviour, particularly in the younger social groups. Degeneration of in-built stability factors is another example of the widening chaos gap. Behaviour becomes ever less patterned ... ever more spontaneous ... ever less predictable ... ever more random.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to the lawlessness effect:

Lawlessness Effect

In future, the number of major crimes committed will soar higher, and the number of convictions will fall further away. Governments will lose control: They will be governments in name only. From the instability point (1998), law enforcement will be so inadequate that social justice will become a mockery.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to anarchy effect:

Anarchy Effect

In the absence of law and order, mobsters will increasingly control political voting. The legislatures become an extension of city chaos, as puppet legislators (pawns of mobs and business cartels) fight for contracts, privileges and preferments. The majority-will no longer prevails. A free, democratic vote, along with other human rights, becomes a dream of the past, as the law of the jungle stamps itself upon every aspect of life. Not only legislators, but judges and government officials become puppets of power groups. Oppression becomes rampant, as anarchy flourishes and democracy withers and dies.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to world suffering effect:

World Suffering Effect

Africa, Eastern Europe, the former USSR, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Central America, South America, and many other areas, suffer increasingly from anarchy, deprivation and disease. Epidemics become widespread. At a time when the need for international aid is greatest, funds are not available. Most people become preoccupied with their own survival and don't have resources to spare for foreign relief projects. Medical effectiveness drops sharply.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to the old world rejection effect:

Old World Rejection Effect

As the old world becomes too grim to confront, people become ever more interested in imaginative entertainment. Imaginative creations will have a powerful effect on the matrices of the new universes. Increasingly, we will accord reality to fictional scenarios. From the year 2000, we will witness the growing phenomenon of old world rejection, with the new ideative worlds gaining ascendancy over the old 'real' world. Increasingly, people will live, mentally, in the new universes. Early in the 21st century, people will, psychologically, be 'packing their bags' in readiness for departure.

Graph showing the chaos gap, in relation to the 'Pandora' effect:

Pandora Effect

As governments become less effective, their control of dangerous nuclear knowledge decreases. Information, concerning government nuclear weapons research, which was previously tightly controlled, becomes more freely available. So many organisations become involved in nuclear research, that security of information becomes virtually impossible to maintain. New inventions and cost reductions make nuclear weapons much more accessible. The lid of 'Pandora's Box', partly opened by the Manhattan project in 1945, will be completely lifted ... with disastrous effects.

The cohesion-index series 1991-2020 is as follows:

Year Index
1991 100
1992 99
1993 97
1994 95
1995 93
1996 91
1997 89
1998 87
1999 85
2000 83
2001 81
2002 79
2003 77
2004 75
2005 72
2006 69
2007 66
2008 63
2009 60
2010 57
2011 53
2012 49
2013 45
2014 41
2015 37
2016 33
2017 27
2018 19
2019 10
2020 0

(see graph of proposition 403)

The population series 1991-2020 is as follows:

Year Population (billions)
1991 5.4
1992 5.5
1993 5.5
1994 5.6
1995 5.6
1996 5.7
1997 5.7
1998 5.7
1999 5.8
2000 5.8
2001 5.8
2002 5.8
2003 5.8
2004 5.7
2005 5.6
2006 5.5
2007 5.4
2008 5.3
2009 5.2
2010 5.0
2011 4.8
2012 4.6
2013 4.4
2014 4.2
2015 3.9
2016 3.6
2017 3.3
2018 2.9
2019 2.2
2020 0.0

(See graph of proposition 400)

The man-released energy and creative intelligence index series 1991-2020 is as follows (the index indicates the annual level of release/effectiveness):

Year Index
1991 100
1992 102
1993 104
1994 106
1995 108
1996 111
1997 114
1998 117
1999 120
2000 123
2001 126
2002 129
2003 132
2004 135
2005 138
2006 142
2007 146
2008 150
2009 154
2010 158
2011 162
2012 167
2013 172
2014 177
2015 183
2016 190
2017 197
2018 205
2019 215
2020 to infinity

(See graph of proposition 402)

Factors, associated with the future population decline, will be:

Factor Weighting Ranking
Harmful radiation (from nuclear wars, power-plant leakages etc). 10 1
Effects of increased volcanism (cold, crop-failures, starvation etc). 9 2
Other natural earth-disasters (droughts, storms, floods, earthquakes etc). 6 3
Epidemics (including all effects of UV rays on immune-systems). 5 4
Civil wars and other civil violence. 4 5
Miscellaneous (birth-control, suicides, drugs etc). 3 6

The 416 cohesion-index series is a physical macro-series and careful interpretation is required where social or biological entropy are concerned. In general, a multiplication factor of 10 should be applied when converting from the 416 table to a social entropy table, and a multiplication factor of 5 to a biological entropy table. For example, the 416 table shows a 2% p.a. Decrease of cohesion in 1993: This converts to a 20% p.a. Increase of civil disorder and a 10% increase of ecological deterioration.

The quality of cohesion is absolute: As it decreases finitely and physically, it increases transfinitely and non-physically: Always, total cohesion is unabated. The transition from finite forms to transfinite forms is the metamorphosis ... with the cross-over point at the year 1998. The graph of proposition 401 is apposite.

Rational thinking is finite thinking, and it is inadequate to our greater transfinite, qualitative reality.

We are intuitive, ideative, prehensive beings which make their own universes upon the void.

If ideative activity is tautological (within an absolute which is wholly in each idea), what is its use and purpose? The comparison, of part with part, no doubt leads to greater self-awareness ... but is there perhaps some other purpose to ideative activity?

A universe of ideas creates its own internal pressure (ideative pressure) and creates its own expansion: It is a living being, similar to a reproductive, multi-cellular organism.

Ideas are not, of course, gaseous ... but they do have some properties which gases possess. Excitation generates a kind of heat, which causes a kind of ideative expansion. We are using analogous terms here, and the analogy should not be taken too far. Let us say that a universe of ideas is something like a transfinite, living super-gas.

The reproductive processes of ideas are dialectical in that a parent-thesis attracts a parent-antithesis, resulting in the birthing of a child-synthesis (which in turn becomes a parent-thesis).

The more cross-fertilisation of ideas, the greater the level of innovative new ideas, and the greater the generative expansion of the ideative, transfinite universes.

The magnitude or milieu of activity of ideas, is that of transfinity.

We define 'transfinity' as follows:

As a gas expands indefinitely in void, software an ideative universe expands indefinitely in void. But an ideative complex has more living characteristics than a gas. An ideative complex reaches out prehensively, like a multi-cell organism.

An ideative complex is inter-linked communicatively, and has a transfinite personality of its own.

An ideative complex is intuitive, reproductive and survivally capable, in its transfinite milieu.

The atom equivalent (of an ideative universe) is an idea or percept: The molecule equivalent is a propositional notation.

We are a qualitative race: We are rich qualitatively, but most of us are only partly aware of our riches.

A materially wealthy person may be surrounded by quality, and yet be only dimly aware of it ... sensing vaguely that it is there but not able to fully know it and fully enjoy it.

A title is a privilege granted by a society to one of its members. It may be conditional or unconditional, and it may be transferable or non-transferable. It may apply to land, goods, social status, or to any preferment whatsoever which is within the gift or influence of the grantor society ... and it may refer to entitlements either of legality or custom. The privilege granted applies only within the grantor society, except in so far as it is recognised by some supra-societal authority.

The additional societal rights and liberties conferred, by societal grants, reduce the rights and liberties of non-grantees. Where non-grantees are a majority, the granting of special rights and privileges to an minority constitute a diminution of the freedoms of the majority.

It is noteworthy that the more qualitatively aware a person becomes, the greater access that person has to all quality, including the qualitative aspects of entitlements and privileges which have been granted to or acquired by others. Quality is not measurable or constrainable: It may be freely shared by all who access it by their awareness of it.

To use a market expression, no one can corner the qualities of love, divine grace, inspiration, spirituality, worship, compassion, justice, integrity, nobility, beauty, sublimity, creative intelligence, joy, happiness, and so on. The more qualitative in awareness we become, the less subject we become to the constraints and dictates of society. We ourselves become as free and as rich as the free and rich qualities we feed upon.

The processes of the industrial revolution have been self-feeding as to population ... creating more jobs and more material wealth and supporting greater populations which have in turn generated more economic demand and more jobs and more material wealth.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, greater and greater emphasis has been placed upon economic self-interest until, in most countries, it has now been raised to the status of a top priority social end. But there is now some evidence that economic self-interest has peaked as a social obsession.

Greater industrial mechanisation has increasingly alienated industrial labour in western societies and, since the 19401s, automation has accelerated and accentuated this process of alienation. Now, in 1993, western economic activity is becoming stifled by depression of demand resulting from decreasing employment and decreasing total income of the worker group.

The quality of life of the average western person has improved since the beginning of the industrial revolution ... and, from an educational aspect, western societies are more qualitatively aware now than they were in the latter part of the eighteenth century. Humanity generally has clung tenaciously to every qualitative gain it has made. We cannot say, therefore, that industrial materialism has downgraded our race qualitatively.

We humans are a qualitative race, which always optimises its qualitative gains.

It may be that the current trend, towards automation and de-industrialisation, implies that our race can best make its future qualitative gains in ways which do not involve such heavy emphasis upon economic self-interest.

The non-materialistic future of our race, and its pioneers, are perhaps to be found not in the mainstream of materialistic economic endeavour but among those who find themselves increasingly alienated from that mainstream.

We now see the future man as a qualitative man ... as a transfinite man. The transfinite man is creative, artistic, spiritual and intellectual.

Transfinite people are to be found in every walk of life ... they are the music-lovers, the readers, the artists, the video and TV viewers, the intellectuals, the spiritual people, and the creative people of all fields. They are the people who are high on love, caring and compassion; they are the courageous ones; the never-say-die ones; the visionaries; the pioneers; the generous, and the selfless. The transfinite people are all those who place a high value on the qualitative side of life.

Most of us are in an intermediate transition state between the finite-material and the transfinite-qualitative state: While we are in a material body, this is naturally so but every year our race is becoming more qualitative.

In prediction science, one seeks to identify the characteristics of existence and the purposes of existence, and the modus operandi of existence.

In prediction science, one seeks to identify, evaluate and assess the role of the human race (as a whole, its groups, and its individuals) in respect of the characteristics, purposes and modus operandi of existence.

In prediction science, one looks for vectors ... that is, for directional, magnitudinal or qualitative changes. These may or may not be measurable, but they must be identifiable.

In prediction science, one looks for significant events, and one seeks to identify and trace those activities which link significant events.

In prediction science, one cannot rely on a single clue or upon a single line of reasoning. One must gather all knowledge together and consider it as the best available body of evidence, and then draw the best possible inferences and conclusions from that body of evidence and from the various lines of reasoning which have been, or may be, based upon it.

Information, about a thing or state, is a flow of cohesion from that thing or state. Information gatherers are dispersers of the things and states which they gather information about.

To know everything about a thing or a state is to disperse it completely. The duration of a thing or state is a function of the level of our interest, which is the level of our curiosity of the unknown, which is the level of our ignorance of the thing or state.

As social entropy increases, the 'order' section of society will decrease, and the 'disorder' section of society will increase ... and the costs of maintaining old standards of law and order will exceed the financial capability of the 'order' section. This will result in a continuing and progressive downgrading of social standards of law and order.

As we see that increasing lawlessness is beyond the control of individuals, our views of right and wrong will change. We will ask not what should happen but what will happen.

It is not possible to create without destroying. That the human race is now at its most creative, means that it is now at its most destructive.

From now until 2020, there will be more chaos and destruction in the world. This chaos and destruction is a designed aspect of the dispersal scenario and, as all actions are optimal, these actions also are optimal, and they cannot be said to be evil but simply necessary. It is we ourselves who are drawing this cohesion and order from the 'bank' ... but it is not lost, for we are keeping this cohesion and order within our own selves and we are benefitting by it. We are absorbing it. We can't both have our order outside of ourselves and eat it too.

Every human is a transfinite person, for every one of us has already survived past reincarnations.

A fully self-aware transfinite person will not lose consciousness at all at body-death: The person will be fully conscious the whole time ... and when it sees its body lying there, it will feel no sense of loss ... it will feel itself to be intact throughout the whole episode. It will already have adapted to transfinite life.

2020 is the end of the line as far as human physical life is concerned. Those, who are not yet transfinitely oriented, may join the hosts of those who are.

The unready have the privilege of revisiting any past period or place and of reincarnating in any body-life of the past. Such as these become wanderers until they get Earth experiences out of their system, so to speak.

Although the Earth-series ends at 2020, it remains like a video display which can be experienced at will.

In the transfinite magnitude, each being emits its own light: The beings glow by the light of their auras. The transfinite world is a world of auras: The beings sense each other and communicate with each other via their auras.

Transfinitely, there is no verbal or written language or communication, nor is there any formal, logical reasoning. All intellectual activity is of the intuitive intellect.

Transfinitely, there are no time lapses or periods ... for there is no such thing as time: Everything is here-now and instantaneous. Being speaks to being at the spiritual and intuitive-intellect level.

All fully-realised transfinite beings are asexual and angelic.

Transfinite beings, per se, have no desire to return to Earth body-life. They enjoy the absence of jostling, grossness, hate, conflict, tension, anxiety, ill-feeling, gravitas, restrictions, hunger and the multiplicity of worldly needs: They have had enough of all that.

Transfinite beings have no physicality whatsoever: They are spiritual-mental beings. They have no diseases or infirmities or other imperfections. They can do anything they want and they can create anything they want. They are loving, caring, warm and compassionate ... and they have absolute freedom ... and the means and power to do anything they wish.

At 2020, the diaspora or seeding is complete. Now that the seeds are sown, emphasis goes on to the raising, growing, flowering ... and the development of new universes. Some of the new universes will involve reproduction and some will not. Each monad of the old universe becomes the seed-nucleus of a new universe.

On attainment, that is, when a person becomes a fully self-realised transfinite being, all the gross vibes vanish from his or her aura.

The aura of the transfinite being emerges effulgent and refined ... purged of all grossness ... as a heavenly being.

Transfinity is heaven, and its beings are heavenly beings.

A noteworthy aspect of attainer retro-incarnation is the genius phenomenon ... where outstanding individuals are born out of phase, as it were, with capabilities far ahead of those of parent-genes and of other members of the same generation. These rare individuals are attainers who have chosen to return to the past, to help humanity. The genius phenomenon is not of accident but of design. People of genius find the way for the simple reason that they have been in the future: They show the path which they have already travelled.

It is an imperative of the Absolute that it shall fully express itself, in all aspects and in all ways and in infinite variety.

The metamorphosis of the human race, from physical-finite forms to qualitative-transfinite forms, does not indicate any withdrawal by the Absolute from some aspects of expression.

It is characteristic of the Absolute that its expressions are dynamic and ever-changing ... from phase to phase, magnitude to magnitude, variety to variety, and experience to experience. The human metamorphosis is a phase-change.

Those of us who wish to continue with a physical-material life, will be able to do so. Now is the time of hosting ... when we 'shop around' for a host which suits us: There is a host to cater for every monad's needs.

If any of us feel like wandering back through history, we are free to do so ... for we may reincarnate at any time or place in the past. But this calls for a certain kind of courage, and it is a journey of nostalgia ... and it is an essentially lonely trip among younger souls.

When we choose a host, we do so intuitively: We reach out with our vibes to other like-vibes, and there is a joining of valencies. This hosting is a natural, positive and progressive thing to do: It is happening on a huge scale, right now.

This network presents a multi-paradigmatic view of existence, but it is nevertheless still one view of countless possible views. Each viewpoint is its own reality ... its own universe.

That this network enables reliable predictions to be made, does not prove that its propositions are a one and only truth ... indeed, there is no proof that there is a one and only truth.

When we say that each viewpoint has its own reality, we must add that a viewpoint is the more real when it is enlivened and empowered by a believer's will and faith. Not only perception but also will, faith and belief, are essential ingredients of our personal reality.

There is no truth which exists independently of our perception, will, faith and belief.

Truth is our life. We have no life at all, except our living truth. We hear or read this and that but we just go ahead with our living. Only that which affects our lives is our truth.

According to a person's life is a person's truth.

The Absolute, which we call God, is wholly present in us always ... even in our every thought.

The Absolute has a special presence in us, which we call the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost.

Whenever we need help or comfort, all we have to do is to ask our God-father-mother, and the Holy Spirit will come to enhanced presence within us ... and we will be strengthened by grace and power.

Desire directed to God brings discrimination and that intelligence which is a direct force of the spirit.

We return always to the first commandment which, in essence, requires of us that we shall have no other Gods before Him, and that we shall love the Lord our God with all of soul, heart and mind.

Existence is simple in essence, for all that is needed is to love God and to live solely for God.

The kingdom of heaven is of those who have surrendered to the Lord ... and who dedicate the fruit of every action to the Lord.

The kingdom of heaven is of those who are innocent of mind and pure of heart.

Heaven actualises when we see God in every one and in every thing ... and when we adore each and all, as the living God.

God is in one's heart and in every part of one's being. The fully human person asks God to live his or her life ... and to take over, completely.

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