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Appendix II
Some Successful Predictions


  • The Tokyo sharemarket crash.
  • The decline of Communism.
  • The return of the National Party to government in New Zealand.
  • The improvement of USA-New Zealand relations.


  • The disintegration of the USSR.
  • Increased seismic activity (Pinatubo erupted).
  • The fall of real estate values, worldwide.
  • Anarchy succeeds Communism, as the main threat to democracy.
  • A 40% increase in NZ unemployment.


  • Unfavourable global weather, leading to crop failures, droughts, floods, hurricanes etc.
  • Civil wars in Eastern Europe, and large migrant flows from east to west Europe.
  • The military and financial collapse of the USSR.


  • Globally widespread natural disasters, including floods.
  • Greater ozone depletion and ultra-violet light exposure.
  • Increased violence and civil wars, worldwide.
  • Inadequacy of the United Nations.
  • Strong economic growth in Asia.
  • Introduction of proportional representation in New Zealand.


  • Eruptions, droughts and floods, globally and El Niño becoming a regular feature.
  • Rising New Zealand realty values.
  • Increases in NZ interest rates, and NZ inflation at 3%.
  • NZ crops at risk from frost and hail.
  • Public resentment re higher salaries for NZ members of Parliament.
  • Increased NZ electricity prices.


  • Strong growth of NZ exports, and NZ unemployment down to 6.5%.
  • The NZ$ rising to US67¢.
  • Unusually cold NZ winter temperatures.
  • NZ hydro-power lakes at good levels.
  • Global volcanism and quake areas accurately predicted.


  • NZ$ firm against overseas currencies.
  • Heavy rains and flooding in New Zealand.
  • Spate of serious NZ rail accidents.
  • Increase of fatal air accidents globally.
  • Faltering NZ judicial system.


  • The NZ political coalition more unpopular.
  • Fall of the USA sharemarket.
  • Global warming theory becoming suspect.
  • NZ storms, flooding and erosion.
  • Swing from private to public health in New Zealand.


  • Huge floods in many countries.
  • Public rejection of the NZ First Party and the political coalition.
  • Major support for the Labour political party in New Zealand.
  • Increasing unemployment in New Zealand.
  • NZ oil/gas discovery.


  • Large earthquakes in Turkey and China ... and major flooding in many countries.
  • Heavy rains, flooding and erosion in New Zealand.
  • Increase of NZ rail accidents.
  • Decisive Labour victory at the general election.

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