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About This Website

Site first posted October 5th 2001
Last updated October 31st 2001

My name is Russell Spencer, and I am one of the six children of Norman and Joan Spencer. I have created this website to make some of my father's work available to a wider audience.

When I discussed this project with my father, his first priority was that his book The Next 60,000 Years should be included, as he felt this to be the culmination of his work on prediction science. His second priority was that his seven volume Prediction Science be included. The bulk of these seven volumes is made up of the many thousands of propositions that guided all his predictions. My father called these propositions his 'Propositional Network'. I think of them as 'Dad's Theory Of Everything'.

My father wrote plenty else besides these works, but he didn't see any particular value in putting them on a website, so they are not included here.

I hope visitors to this site find something of value and interest. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at webmaster@normanspencer.co.nz.

Note On The Text

People often suggested to my father that he use a computer to assist with his work. His standard reply to such suggestions was that he found the computer between his ears to be sufficient for all his forseeable needs. The pen and the typewriter were the only machines that aided his efforts, and consequently his work has existed only on paper until very recently.

For my part, I am happy to use electronic computers to ease the strain on the computer between my ears. In translating my father's work from paper to the Internet I have squeezed it through many layers of software, and I have not proof-read every word of the final result. Consequently I'm sure there will be many howling errors. Hopefully it will be obvious that they are computer-aided errors, and therefore not of my father's making. I will be happy to fix any of these errors that are drawn to my attention.

As well as computer-aided errors, the reader will find human errors of spelling and grammar. These arise from the idiosyncrasies of my father's prose style, and I have made no effort to correct them.

Russell Spencer
October 14th, 2001

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