Born in 7th November 1921, Wellington, Norman Spencer was one of New Zealand’s most prolific writers. He had a strong study background in psychology, religion, political science, philosophy and history of physical sciences.

His interests were deeply rooted in mysticism and philosophy which his best sold books were written about. He died on 25th of January 2001 at the age of 79 in Wellington.


Due to struggling advancement of technology in the 20th century, it was very difficult for Norman to forge easily with his writing career as he lacked sufficient data to outline and achieve his business dreams. He, out of frustration took a drastic step to source and put together his own data and by 1968 he had developed 44 hypothesis and propositions which formed the foundation for his ‘propositional network’.

Until his official retirement from business in 1979, his work on the propositional network continued and endured through the years. After exerting about 20,000 hours of effort, his propositions grew to 10,615 which covered a vast range of topics. In the early part of 1989, his annual prediction for the year ahead was already produced and published in a Wellington Newspaper- The Evening Post. Norman claimed 90% accuracy for these predictions and they spread across local and global events.

Among the number of books he wrote, two were popular and outstanding- The Next 60,000 Years and Prediction Science.

The Next 60,000 Years - This book clearly takes the long future of the human race into full cognizance. It covered the prediction that the stars will be colonized by the human race which literally means the human race had a bright future of rebuilding and not destroying themselves.

Prediction Science - This book basically listed the entire hypothesis that built up the proposition network, the explanations of the background theory and also the index to the network.

Some Excerpts from His Propositional Network

  • • Existence is an Absolute ... an all-inclusive, lucid, unified whole, of infinite and finite significance.

  • • The Absolute expresses itself perpetually and in endless variety.

  • • The Absolute must express itself in every conceivable variation of explanation, including expressions of imperfection, vacuum and mutation.

  • • All facets of the Absolute are approximate and immeasurable.

On The Future of His Works

His daughter, Russell Spencer one of his six children had a taken a step further to rebuild her late father’s legacy. She was quoted saying ‘ I have created a platform that will make my father’s work available to a broader audience, after discussing this with my father before his death, he suggested that the book - The Next 60,000 Years be included in the catalogue since he thinks it’s a culmination of his Prediction Science work. She continued ‘His other preference was the inclusion of his seven volume Prediction Science project; he described how the total collection of the entire seven volumes was made up of several thousands of propositions which acted as a full guide to all his predictions. To him, he called these propositions his ‘Propositional Network’, but I chose to call them ‘Dad’s Theory of Everything’, she concluded.


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